Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Trunk Show!

Wine, Cheese And Jewelry Please!

That was the theme of my impromptu trunk show at Southward Vineyards LLC this past Saturday!

I had been tossing around the idea of hosting a trunk show at winery for a while now... so when the opportunity arose... I said, Yes!

I'm so glad I did because not only did I have a blast but so did the attendees... which of coarse was a major... major goal. I mean come on, no one wants to go to a trunk show that's boring and no fun.

Any who...

I discovered Southwind Vineyards when I attended a Paint and Wine Night that was being taught there by one of my High School Art Teachers. I wanted to support her so I along with my Mom and friend signed up for the class. This was definitely a fortuitous moment because it has let to so many great things like new friends, business opportunities and fun!

At the trunk show I displayed the latest pieces of the Celebrated Lady Spring/Summer Selection! It was the first time that I was really showing off my new work which is important because... one, I really feel like I've come into my own with my jewelry aesthetic and two, feedback!

The pieces were received well and some of my favorites found new homes!

It was also the debut appearance of my hostess information table! This allowed everyone to kind-of get a feeling for what a Celebrated Lady Shopping Party would be like... door prize and all! (More info about Shopping Parties on the Host a Part Page) This was a lot of fun to show off also because Southwind Vineyards is also now a referred location for if a someone would like to host a Celebrated Lady Shopping Party but not in their house... Have it at the Winery! Which really is a wonderful location for such an event. The winery has the copacitiy to host parties outside on their beautiful grounds or inside in the tasting room!

After shopping everyone went to enjoy wine tasting, fun and relaxation! One of the Ladies even ended up wearing her earrings home! Personally I love when that happens! I love seeing the jewelry I create loved and worn! 

Gives me the warm and fuzzies!

Again I just want to thank all the people who came out to this fun event and I can't wait for the next!

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Like The Look | Festival Style

Festival Season is in full swing !
So naturally we are seeing lots of festival fashion!

With one weekend of Coachella down and one more to go I decided I would put together my version of a festival look. Festival fashion tends to have lots of lace, denim and flowers involved. All things I adore and love. It's all very boho chic, which of course is like Celebrated Lady's best friend! 

Having this knowledge I knew I wanted to put together a look that was fun, functional and had the modern bohemian edge that is Celebrated Lady... the Celebrated Lady spin on it if you will. 

For the top I pulled out of my closet a vintage peasant blouse with elastic smocking and lace. The gauzy fabric and off the shoulder neckline is perfect for staying cool in the sun. The smocked bottom also makes the top versatile, it can either be worn as a full length shirt or a crop top! 

The jewelry I wanted to be bright and colorful, but not too clunky. After all this is for a festival and too much can just become something else you have to keep track of. So... I picked the Pink Horizons Bone Beaded Necklace and the coordinating Pink Horizons Dangle Earrings to start with. I love the sweeping colors of both pieces and both feature handcrafted Celebrated Lady clay beads and tiles with vintage beads! The necklace though has two really great bone beads I found while attending a local Native American pow-wow! I then paired them with a Celebrated Lady hand strung, with handmade beads, layer bracelet that when worn has such a romantic gypsy feel! The bangle is a flea market find to add another vintage touch. A floral mood ring round out the selection because you know I love to let people know I'm feeling relaxed and energetic with colors!

Next, I thought this flowered hair band would be perfect. The inner flower child in me sang with joy when I fount this piece. It's great to add around any bun or pony tail! Plus you could totally make this on your own! Maybe I will do a tutorial in a future post to show you how!

also... Dancing is always more fun when swishy fabric is involved. That is why I included a lace vest with a flower motive running through it. The vest is a wonderful length that hits about mid-calve. This way you can swirl around and not worry about it getting stepped on.

Now for the most practical piece... there are things you need to carry for any festival or any day really. Money, keys, ID...etc but there are also things that just make days easier like chap stick, sunglasses, SPF... you get my point and for those purposes you need a bag... because not everything is going to fit in your bra. (this should be my blog title) That's where a cute knapsack comes in. This canvas bag has a really fun print with lots of pockets and snaps shut.

Make sure to pair your look with your choice of bottoms. Ones that are right for your comfort level or thigh width, (the chub-rub struggle is real) I chose denim shorts with a rolled hem because I do not really wear cut-offs though I love the look. ( I'd have to wear tights under them which would just add another layer) To finish off the look choose a fun sandal or boot. I probably would wear my brown leather Birkenstocks!

So There you have it, a fun look fit for a festival or any Spring/Summer day really! Now go out and pick your own looks with this inspiration!
I'd love to see what you come up with!

To Find the look....

Pinky Lace Vest - Marshalls

Top- thrift shop find

Shorts - Lane Bryant

Pink Horizons Necklace - Celebrated Lady

Pink Horizons Earrings - Celebrated Lady

Hand Beaded Bracelet - Celebrated Lady

Bangle - Flea Market Find

Riviera Floral Hair Band - Ulta

Knapsack - Target

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Local Spotlight! | Barbera's Chocolate On Occasion

Today I'm starting a new occasional series called Local Spotlight here on Celebrated Lady!
And this months feature is... 
Barbara's Chocolate On Occasion llc! 

Oh my goodness this candy shop seriously has some of the best treats I have ever had! 
It is a small candy shop owned by Amy Barbera and is located on South Brewster Road in Vineland NJ.  I am a person who loves supporting other local businesses so I wanted to share how wonderful this little chocolate shop is! 

My first experience with the Barbera's Chocolates was Valentine's Day and I again received a lovely little selection for Easter and was immediately mesmerized by, one how adorable how each piece was so beautifully decorated, and two how amazing every single piece tasted! It just was like little bite sizes of happiness! Some of the treats I received were chocolate covered oreos, chocolate covered vanilla wafers, chocolate covered rice crispy treats and five beautifully decorated petite fours!

In this mix found what had to be my most favorite sweet treat in the world! Their Strawberry Eclair bites! If you ever had the strawberry eclair ice cream bars and loved them then you will adore these... This bit sized creations of joy are created using the same cookie coating as the ice cream bars with a strawberry filling! I absolutely love them! And they are just so pretty to look at too!

This local shop is such an amazing little gem. I also love their slogan "Your Hometown, Handmade Chocolate Shop" It's all very Willy Wonka esque. Each piece shows such a lovely attention to detail!

 If your're ever in the Vineland NJ area or simply want to support an amazing local business here are the ways you can check out Barbera's Chocolate for yourself!

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Celebrated Lady Jewelry Update!

New Items Arrived in the Etsy Shop!

The Aqua Isle coordinating jewelry pieces are now in the Celebrated Lady Etsy shop! Each piece features a hand crafted clay bead or charm with reconstituted turquoise and vintage elements. 
The necklace has a hand braided focal point that is also hand beaded with Swarovski crystal, clay, and metal beads. 
Any one of theses pieces would be a bright and warm weather inspiring addition to any look! Maybe the weather will get the hint and warm up! Still pretty cold here in New Jersey.


Check out the lovely display of Celebrated Lady Jewelry as The Brownstone Emporium at 
Wheaton Arts!  The shop is filled with lovely items from all over the world and I I really love that my jewelry is in the boutique. Makes me feel like I'm special! 

They really do such a lovely job laying out the pieces. 

If you in the Southern NJ area stop on by to see the display in person!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Not Letting Your To-Do Rule You! 4 Ways To Make Time For Yourself!

Making time for yourself... i.e. 
How not to go crazy while running a business or other endeavors.

Heads up... while I try very hard to make time for myself I'm not that great at doing this...
but... here goes nothing,

Originally I had a completely different post planned for today... that is until I realized Earth Day is in April and not in March...Whoopsie! glad I caught that one, let me tell you! So, with that being said I am actually in a way glad because it allowed me to write a post about something that has been on my mind lately. 

So lets get to it!

We all have to-do lists, whether they are mental, kept on a piece of paper, or recorded digitally and those jerks can be quite overwhelming sometimes. It's hard as the list gets longer to find balance between being a hard worker and overworking yourself. That's why this week I thought I would share some of the ways I attempt to make time for myself which is so important. 

In my case, I run my own business (Celebrated Lady LLC) and work a part time job at a museum shop, both of which I adore and love, but it leaves a lot of work that I have to accomplish. It can feel like climbing the stepping machine at the gym... always climbing and never reaching the top. And let me tell you five minutes on that thing and if feel like I'm a jiggly pile of goo.

 I spend many days and nights in my studio, creating, doing paperwork, and trying to conquer that ever growing list, even on days when I've worked in the shop all day. I know I am not alone. No matter what someones situation is we all have these lists and obstacles that block us from the much needed me time. Mom's with little ones, authors, actors, secretaries. teachers, etc... We all deal with this.  The worst thing is though that now people are having trouble remembering how to relax and not be busy, myself included.  If I have a day off I find myself feeling like I'm wasting time and saying things like "I might as well just go work in the studio" .

It's important to remember that you time is not a waste of time!

Now go forth and take a moment of time for yourself!Put yourself on your to-do list if you have too and maybe use some of my ideas listed below to fill your time!

1.  Read Something!

I'm currently reading "Yes Please" by Amy Poehler and I love it... I'm also slowly teaching myself how to speak Italian using the Duolingo app (it's so cool) I try to read before bed but after a long day...sometimes all I want to do is snuggle up in my bed watch some You Tube videos (mainly Buzzfeed... they are hilarious!) and then try to shut my brain off and get some sleep.

2. Do a craft!

If you are part of the hand made makers community this craft can not have anything to do with what you make to sell... that is part of your work now. Instead do something fun, simple and relaxing. Something that when it's finished makes you smile. I did this little fox sun catcher I found while cleaning my studio the other day. I love the way it came out and can't wait to hang it in my window!

3. Catch up on that pile of magazines you've been meaning to read.

Now this one can double as productive work time because I get some of my best inspiration from flipping through magazines. Whether it be a color, texture or recipe, I just love taking a moment to actually read the articles and fully examine the photos. Right now my favorites are Martha Stewart, Better Homes & Gardens, and the Rachel Ray magazine!

4. Write something.

For Christmas this past year my Mom got me a book filled with writing prompts. I used to love what we called picture prompts in school... (where you are given a picture and you then have to make up a story to go with it) This book, and others like it, have the same premise but have word prompts instead. I find it so fun and relaxing to just sit and come up with little stories or write down memories and observations!

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