Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Kindness Is Beautiful

I use vintage buttons in a lot of the jewelry that I make. I spend weekends going to flee markets and yard sales to look for forgotten tins filled with treasure. The idea that I can give something that has been hidden away a new beautiful life adds to the joy I have when creating!

I was at a dinner for ladies that all go to the church that I recently started going to. It was the first time that I had met many of the woman there. They were all welcoming and kind. We shared stories, laughed, and enjoyed out time at our gracious hostesses home. Each lady brought a dish of food to share. I made pasta salad. 

While chatting, the topic of what I do came up. I was currently wearing on of the vintage button rings that I make. One of the woman in particular loved my reasoning for using vintage buttons and parts in my work. I use vintage buttons in a lot of the jewelry that I make. That is when she made me an offer that blew me away!

She offered me a tin of vintage buttons that had been her mothers! 

 I was astounded by her offer. I thanked her and told her I would love them but she didn't have to. She just met me and here she is offering me her mothers vintage buttons! Her answer was, "I don't have to do anything that I don't want to, and I want to give these to you."

I left the dinner feeling so loved by these woman who I had just met, who whole-heartedly accepted me into their circle. The knowledge and positive energy in the generations that gathered around the table that night was contagious. 

This is where it gets good!

After the dinner, the week went by and Sunday rolled around again. I remembered the kind woman's offer but I was not looking to receive her gift. I honestly expected her to change her mind. Guess what? She didn't! After church she made sure to stop me and in her hands was a beautiful tin. She told me she didn't think there was much in there I could use but she wanted me to have them.

I seriously almost cried! I got the tin home and right away started to go through it. I matched up pair after pair of beautiful buttons and the ones I couldn't match up are perfect for rings! There was so much I could use. My heart sang with gratitude. I immediately knew that I wanted to make her a thank you gift. What a better thing to do then to make her a pair of vintage button earrings out of a pair of her mothers buttons!

This entire situation is just a reminder of how much I love what I do. Not only do I get to create pretty jewelry but I get to make connections with amazing people! I get to share stories with people and in turn have them share their stories with me. Grateful does not even begin to describe how I feel.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Seven Days of #modsummer!

Summer is in ful swing and this celebrated lady has been living it up! The warm weather, the sunshine, mango popsicles. I love it all! 

That' is why when I saw the Seven Days of #modsummer Photo-A-Day Challenge by Mod Cloth on my instagram feed, I knew I wanted to take part!

I had never before participated in a photo challenge. Sure I've seen awesome photos from other challenges but I had never really gotten up the never to task myself with taking photos for a topic. With that being said this challenge was such a fun experience! I loved seeing what so many people on instagram chose to share. You really get a feel of how that person is spending their Summer… each persons challenge tells a story!

That is why this week I decided I was going the share my Celebrated Lady Story of Summer!

Day 1: Monday - A sweet treat.
Strawberries and chocolate… enough said!

Day 2: Tuesday - Stand & take a pic of your kicks.
My Birkenstocks are a Summer outfit must.

Day 3: Wednesday - What's in my bag.
I love my mint Fossil bag! It holds everything that I need and is just so cute and yep… I do travel around with a troll doll… I use it to amuse my niece at restaurants and waiting lines.

Day 4: Thursday - Summertime #tbt
Seriously one of my favorite girls road trips ever! Twirling at Foamhenge with my Mama in 2009.

 Day 5: Friday - Tag your Fave person of furry friend.
My 10 year old cat Roo is such a snuggle bug.
 I shared his quiet way of saying good morning… right before my kitten Boo pounced!

Day 6: Saturday - The color of Summer.
If the bright sunny yellow of my sunflower in the garden doesn't say Summer I don't know what does.

Day 7: A favorite quote.
From a book I am reading "To Blessed To Be Stressed" by Debora M. Coty. 
I feel the quote speaks for itself.

And we all lived happily ever after!

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Making Beads!

Beads, beads and more beads. I love making my own beads to use in my jewelry! Clay adds such a unique touch to my pieces and allows me to have the ability to create anything I can think up. I have been busy in my studio making lots of unique beads and charms in bright new colors for Summer! 

Take a peek at what I have been up to!

Fresh Mint anyone? Sure to add a light pop to any look. I can't wait to make these pieces into jewelry. The leave charms are for more of my dangle leaf earrings that I recently sold out of.

Geometric Brights! These tiles I especially love because they make me think of a tropical Summer! I'm going to use a bunch of these to make new chandelier tile earrings. Picture these paired with a long graphic print maxi dress! 

Beads of every color! Well almost… I'm always mixing new colors to make new seed beads. I feel you can never have enough. These little babies are useful for everything from earrings, to necklaces and bracelets alike! The ones here are still on their spikes from the baking rack fresh out of the kiln.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

A Fun Day at work!

The wind may have blown and the sun played a great game of hide'n'seek but Fun Day at Annie's Vintage Venue's was that and more!

There was a great turn out! People mixed and mingled among the crafters and yard sale vendors! Despite an afternoon call for rain, we all set up in are marked spaces outside of the shop. I had two amazing women on either side of me, both were also vendors from inside the shop. Boy, did our whole row have fun laughing, teasing and sharing stories all throughout the day. We even all joked that at the next event we wanted to be next each other again! It made for a really fun environment. A good day at the office in my book.

This was the first time that I was selling vintage items along with my jewelry. I have spent quite a while carefully collecting pieces to create a curated collection to go along with my jewelry to cater to all the Celebrated Lady's out there. (vintage and jewelry… what's not to like?) I am really pleased with how the display turned out. I was worried about getting sun burnt because it was outside (I got really sun sick for the first time last year and I never ever want that to happen again!) Turns out the wind is what I needed to worry about. The wind had different ideas for my lovely display. I ended up have to change some things around a bit. Everything was fine till about one o'clock. That is when the wind picked up and some things decided to topple over… Thank goodness nothing broke and in the end it was all just a lesson learned… wind is evil! 

In all seriousness though, I had an amazing time this past weekend.  When I wasn't gorging myself of an amazing cupcake covered in a giant flower made of icing, I was selling jewelry and meeting new people. One of my customers even told me that my jewelry reminded her of when she was in Paris! I am really excited to see things coming together for Celebrated Lady. Hard work does pay off! I'm can't wait for all the things to come.

My next outdoor event will be on June 7th at Cawmen's Mall in Salem, New Jersey. Hope to see you there!

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Fun Day Prep!

Happy May Day! I am getting ready for my first outdoor event of the season this week! It's also the first time that I will be selling some of the vintage items that I have found to pair with my jewelry! I'm so excited… Goodness I hope it doesn't rain!

This Saturday Celebrated Lady will be at Annie's Vintage Venues in Woodstown, New Jersey for their Fun Day on May 3rd. I first went there a few weeks ago and everyone was so nice! I saw so many things I wanted but I mainly ended up just window shopping. I did find a beautiful old jewelry box though, that I am going to use in my displays. I think it will showcase my jewelry quite nicely. I'm so glad that I get to join them and have a spot to sell my work.

I have been organizing my studio and making new items all week. Cutting out tags, inventory… all that fun stuff that goes with the territory of show prep. The crates are stained, every thing is priced, and I have my plan of attack for setting up. Lets just hope wind or rain doesn't cramp my style. The best thing about doing a show is that I end up being filled with so many ideas! A show or a home party just fills me with inspiration. I end up having to say, "okay no more making new pieces until after the show", so that I can focus on the other tasks at hand. Though to much inspiration is not a problem that you will find me complaining about.

Which leads me to the final step of getting my jewelry lady groove back, taking part in an outdoor Spring show! Much has changed in a year for me. Moving was such a shift in momentum. Now that my studio is all settled, I finally really feel back at home in my creative space because everything is awesome in my new studio, but more importantly it finally has the right feel to it… It has finally become a place of creativity to house creativity, which is artist speak for… I'm going to make lots of cool stuff in this room!

Thats' why I'm so glad to finally have my studio in order. I'm sourcing vintage findings and making my own clay beads again… all is right with the world.

If your in the South Jersey area stop on by Annie's Vintage Venues this Saturday from 10 to 4 p.m. and find the Celebrated Lady table to say Hi. There will be all new pieces available that are not in the store as well as selected vintage items! It would be the perfect place to find something special for a Mothers Day Gift!