Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Closet Clean Out : I Couldn't Find My PJ's

It's time to put away the sweaters and bring out the sundresses! So I took some time to clean out my closet and switch my wardrobe from winter to summer... 

Warning... what lies behind these doors is not a pretty sight!

I warned you! 

This whole thing started because I couldn't find my Simply Vera by Vera Wang pajamas... seriously the most comfortable set of bed time fashion I have ever owned... They were no where to be found and I was seriously fed up with the mess my closet had become. I had weeks of laundry to do and nothing was where it belonged.

I'll be honest, when you're a soloprenuer, most times, you barely have time to eat or sleep let alone clean or do laundry! I have been known to buy a few new pairs of underwear to hold out on doing laundry! In this case I just needed to leave my studio and take the time to clean. I mean there is my video game set up under there that you can't even see! My poor PS4 is covered in sweaters! The mess wasn't going to be contained by my closet doors for much longer... and even though I could shut the doors I knew it was still there... Plus I just really wanted to find my pj's.

The first step I took was to take out all the empty hangers and clothes that I had not worn in months with no intentions of wearing again. This creates space to maneuver the clothes that you do need to have in your closet and makes room for the ones that were in laundry hamper exile (now in the wash) that will now need a place to live.  I then take the clothes that I know I don't need anymore and put them into a bag for my friends to go through... whats left I donate to my church.
 I try to do this at least once a season. 

I also discovered that where I had my shoe rack just wasn't working and the bins that were meant to organized things were just acting as catch alls. So I got a little creative... nothing really รก la pinterest but still totally switching things up. I moved my shoe rack to the top shelf and turned my bins on their sides. This allowed me to actually see everything and doesn't give me the opportunity to try and hide mess. There is truth to the saying "Out of sight, out of mind" Having everything in sight forces me to stay extra tidy! I also invested in a scarf and belt holder I found at Target for three dollars! Such a good investment let me tell you! I used to keep all my scarves in one of my bins and because I couldn't see them I always forgot to wear them... this is no longer the case.

Ta-Da!!! All clean! Now you can see my little guilty pleasure that is my video game set up. I also hung up a few herb and floral sachets to add a lovely scents to my wardrobe along with cedar sticks to keep things safe. This new set up functions so much better then the old way that I had things. I now can see my shoes and have a great place to store my purses and hats.  I also did find my pajamas! 


Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Celebrated Lady Summer At The Brownstone Emporium!

Get into the mood for Summer! Feel the sunshine on your face, the wind in your hair, the taste of watermelon, the smell of salt water! 

We are half way through May and it is now truly the time to start getting ready or Summer. It's time to shake out the sundresses, dust off the straw hats and find your sandals hidden goodness knows where in the back of your closet... you get the picture.  

This is why I'm taking today to highlight one of the locations Celebrated Lady's Summer jewelry selection is available at! 

A selection of Celebrated Lady pieces are available at The Brownstone Emporium at Wheaton Arts! One of the Museums three shops!

This season I was inspired by Sand and Sun! Pink Horizons and the warm weather. I wanted to create pieces the exuded a feeling of new bohemian chic that transports the wearer to their dream summer location! I used sunsets and sunrises as inspiration for many of my tiles. 

So stop on by and check out the selection of my work and get your very own Celebrated Lady piece perfect for Summer! Each piece is one of a kind using different materials so don't miss out!

Find the Handcrafted Celebrated Lady pieces above and more like them at The Brownstone Emporium at Wheaton Arts!

Not local to the Southern New Jersey area? Don't fret... stop on by the Celebrated Lady Etsy shop to check out the selection there!

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

A Day Without Make-up

 I went make-up free for a day to see what would happen and how I would feel...
Glad to report... Not much, though I did learn something about myself!

Yay for learning!

I used to not wear any make-up at all... in fact I shunned even the notion of wearing it. I hated the idea of putting powders and creams on my face or depending upon something to feel pretty. This was a preconceived judgment... it was also the wrong idea.

 I finally started wearing make-up (more then the occasional use of eyeliner) earlier this year. It all started because I tried painting my nails, liked it, and just kind of took off from there. In truth, it actually was that I finally began treatment for my anxiety and started to feel just one-hundred percent more confident and better about myself... This made make-up something fun instead of something I felt I needed. 

Thing is, I did notice that I started to always wear my make-up out and I felt like I needed to do it... It also began to feel like a chore... So I thought it could be fun to see what would happen if for a day I went back to not wearing any make-up. I just recently started working in a shop (along with working on my jewelry) where none of my co-workers have seen me without makeup so, I wondered if it would be noticed. 

It had been mentioned before by a few people in discussions, that they really couldn't tell I was wearing makeup (because I generally pick "me only better" natural colors. But I still wanted to see what would happen, my own little experiment. So I didn't wear any make-up to work and took these pictures, in the morning, before I stared getting ready.

So what did happen....

The earth kept turning and nothing much happened except I learned a lesson about myself... I had worked myself up thinking people would notice that I didn't put as much effort in that day, or that I would be judged for not caring as much. I was also wary of feeling uncomfortable. All of which didn't happen... I felt fine and nobody said a thing. 

This whole thing brought me back down and made me realize that make-up is fun, that I don't need it and if people noticed they really don't mind enough to mention... 
(or if they did mention it and it bothered them it's not my problem) 

I like my face with and without makeup! I plan to continue to mix it up, if I wear it I wear it. If I don't I don't. I'm still me either way and that's more important that whether or not I wore make-up... People like me for my character not what shade of eyeshadow I'm wearing...

What I should have been more concerned about was how my white shirt turned sheer under the shop lights making my bra visible... Thank goodness for cardigans! 

Lessons learned right?

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Gift Guide | Mother's Day

Mothers Day will be here before you know it and 
I've got some great ideas for how to 
Celebrate your Mama!

Of course Celebrated Lady Jewelry is always an amazing option but, today I wanted to take a moment the highlight some other artists and hand-makers work that I feel would make perfect gifts! 

1. 48 Valentine - Vintage Strawberry Mug

This vintage mug is absolutely darling. The strawberries add such a fun bright touch! 
Perfect from Mom to have her tea or water in!

2. Pulp Sushi - Vintage Powder Blue Skeleton Key Necklace

A lovely throw back piece with beautiful colors. 
I love the antiqued powder blue finish of the key.

3. Salt + Stone Handmade Pottery - Green Vase

Fill it with flowers and show Mom how much you care with this hand crafted vase!
The colors of the glaze are just captivating!

4. The Kirk Estate - Handmade Soap Gift Set 3 Small Bars Organic & Eco Friendly Soap

Mom's love soap. Point made, case closed.

5. Junk In Da Trunk Girls - Vintage, J.D., Hand Tooled Leather Handbag

Something unique and stylish... plus super useful!

6. Papaya Art - Bee's Knees Art Panel Print

This Art piece says all the things that 
I think a mom would love to hear on Mother's Day.
It's also really pretty!

7. Back Bay Pottery - Love Bird Dish

Something sweet and useful. Mom's love little things to store stuff in!
 I particularly like this bowl as a jewelry dish... 
maybe pair with some Celebrated Lady Earrings and you're good to go!

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Trunk Show!

Wine, Cheese And Jewelry Please!

That was the theme of my impromptu trunk show at Southward Vineyards LLC this past Saturday!

I had been tossing around the idea of hosting a trunk show at winery for a while now... so when the opportunity arose... I said, Yes!

I'm so glad I did because not only did I have a blast but so did the attendees... which of coarse was a major... major goal. I mean come on, no one wants to go to a trunk show that's boring and no fun.

Any who...

I discovered Southwind Vineyards when I attended a Paint and Wine Night that was being taught there by one of my High School Art Teachers. I wanted to support her so I along with my Mom and friend signed up for the class. This was definitely a fortuitous moment because it has let to so many great things like new friends, business opportunities and fun!

At the trunk show I displayed the latest pieces of the Celebrated Lady Spring/Summer Selection! It was the first time that I was really showing off my new work which is important because... one, I really feel like I've come into my own with my jewelry aesthetic and two, feedback!

The pieces were received well and some of my favorites found new homes!

It was also the debut appearance of my hostess information table! This allowed everyone to kind-of get a feeling for what a Celebrated Lady Shopping Party would be like... door prize and all! (More info about Shopping Parties on the Host a Part Page) This was a lot of fun to show off also because Southwind Vineyards is also now a referred location for if a someone would like to host a Celebrated Lady Shopping Party but not in their house... Have it at the Winery! Which really is a wonderful location for such an event. The winery has the copacitiy to host parties outside on their beautiful grounds or inside in the tasting room!

After shopping everyone went to enjoy wine tasting, fun and relaxation! One of the Ladies even ended up wearing her earrings home! Personally I love when that happens! I love seeing the jewelry I create loved and worn! 

Gives me the warm and fuzzies!

Again I just want to thank all the people who came out to this fun event and I can't wait for the next!