Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Yard Sale Finds - Statement Necklaces

Being a jewelry designer and bead maker I have a love for interesting vintage necklaces. I get so much inspiration from the use of colors and shapes!

The thing is usually I only get to find such jewelry at yard sales or flea markets. Which relies a lot on luck. This time I was lucky! I found four great necklaces three of which are made of wood and one that is bone. These necklaces are really unique and seem handmade. They each have a story that I will never know but that is kind of the fun of it. 

I decided I'm keeping two for myself. These two necklaces, besides looking nice on me, are simply just really interesting pieces. The hand panted wooden beads of the necklace above caught my eye immediately. I know it's kind of kooky but that is why I love it. The necklace below is simple in color but that's is so great about it. Both of these pieces make me feel like I'm somewhere tropical or interesting when I wear them. I was joking with my friends that they are "Jane of the Jungle Chic" Ha!

The last two are made of wood and bone. I plan on taking these two necklaces apart for salvage to use in my own jewelry. The beads will compliment my own handmade clay ones beautifully. I only take pieces apart when I feel that it is truly warranted. These pieces here while interesting alone will make something so cool and new that can be once again enjoyed. I plan to clean up each bead and see if I can repair the broken ones. From there I will work them into many new pieces.

It's always so interesting to me to see what ends up in yard sales. I always wonder why did this person choose to part with such interesting pieces. Then I get excited because I now know that I am giving the pieces new life and I will get to enjoy something unique!

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Little Oasis

Sometimes it is nice to just step away... find your own little haven... even if it is in your own backyard! Here is a piece of mine.

I took some time this past weekend to just enjoy the 4th of July and relax... Something I actually don't allow myself too much time to do. Don't get me wrong I still have my fun and I absolutely enjoy making my jewelry but nothing beats a day sitting outside with a good book and a piƱa colada mocktail.

In my backyard there is a gazebo which provides the perfect home for my metal glider... in other words the best reading/napping location ever! It truly transports you to feeling like your on vacation. I love hearing the birds chirp and the sounds of the neighborhood. I have always been obsessed with creating dream like locations. Hence the wispy curtains inspired by that one scene from Baz Luhrmann's The Great Gatsby where Daisy's sitting room is flooded with white curtains.

Of course I made time for a game or two of badminton and barbecue, general staples of any good 4th of July celebration as far as I'm concerned. With that sunglasses, swimsuits and music all played their part... I even got to see some fireworks and lightning bugs! It really was quite a lovely day in my own little oasis where I can feel anywhere and everywhere all at once.

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Glass & Art

I find great joy in viewing art! I love to see the point of views of other artists and be transported by their work. Ever since I saw Mary Poppins jump into a chalk drawing on the ground I have always loved to lose myself in art. So... when I had to opportunity to see the gallery's exhibited at Wheaton Arts Bi-Annual Glass Weekend a few weeks ago I was a little more then excited. I had never before been to a show featuring works using glass as a medium, so I didn't know quite what to expect. With that being said I was blown away by the talent in the room. I even got to meet and chat with a few of the artists! Here are some of my favorite pieces from the weekend.

"Equinox" by Grant and Erin Garmezy
"Equinox" By Grant Garmezy and Erin Garmezy
The above piece was my absolute favorite from the show! I loved the colors and shapes. The delicate flowers hanging from the horns. As a fan of Georgia O'keeffe, this reminded me of her work so much!

"Shell" Carmen Lozar
"Shell"  by Carmen Lozar

"Sunset" by Kait Rhoads
"Sunset"by Kait Rhodes
This piece was made using many hollow glass murrine canes wrapped together using copper wire. I love the movement of this piece and how it truly transports you.

"Awakening" by Michael Janis
"Awakening" by Michael Janis

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Reunited And It Felt So Good!

This past weekend I attended the Moore College of Art and Design 2015 Reunion!

Before I go much farther I want to take a second and explain how Moore's Reunions work. Instead of only having your graduating class get together ever so often, Moore invites all alumni from all classes to an amazing gathering once a year. It is a lovely time when generations of creative women converge upon their Alma Mater to create, chat and learn! Literally it is like coming back to a day at Moore. Once again you feel like a student and you get to create in the company of your piers! In a way it is like recharging you creative batteries. Each year a selection of workshops and lectures are offered that take place throughout the day. This year I had the opportunity to have an introduction to the art of Shibori Dying! 

My teacher and fellow graduate of Moore was the wonderful Elizabeth McTear! Elizabeth creates beautiful American made, hand-crafted and environmentally conscious products for her company Honest Alchemy! Elizabeth shared here extensive knowledge and advice with the class. I found her to be absolutely inspiring. Here is a creative woman doing what she loves and making a living doing it.  I was instantly excited to start creating my own silk scarves to take home! We had four colors to choose from indigo, yellow, black and emerald and two scarves to dye.

Each woman had her own approach as we settled into making our masterpieces. We learned from each other as we saw different lines and techniques applied all the while following the gentle guidance of  Elizabeth.  I made mistakes, like wrapping the cloth to tight and being too ambitious but I am happy with the results. I made a blue scarf and a yellow scarf. I wanted to create simple but lovely pieces that I could be proud of in the end.

So much has changed since my time at Moore. Though I will say the halls still smell the same, the sun still shines into the galleries and it is still a safe haven for the growing and creative minds of ambitions women. I am so grateful to have these chances to return to Moore even just for a  day because it reminds me of the woman I became while there and the woman I am yet to become.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Inspiration - Looking Down

Inspiration can be found everywhere... it's a good thing too since I am the only designer for Celebrated Lady. I am constantly searching for things that spark my creativity or a new idea. Different lines, shapes and colors can all catch my eye and lead me to something great and new.  It is a fun little game I play... like a scavenger hunt that has no list or clues so that I have to pay attention to every little detail.  This time around, I chose to look down.

What I found during this search was the art of school children scribbled on bricks at the American Museum of Glass at Wheaton Arts. There are little bins of sidewalk chalk placed all over the grounds that invite children and adults alike to leave their mark on the pathways. Most stop to write their name or play tic-tac-toe others draw pictures. I was inspired  by these pictures. I love the combinations of colors these anonymous artists used. They use their imaginations and choose whatever colors they desire! I am drawn to the freedom of their decisions. 

I also love the joy that emanates from each found little image. While these drawings might not be very complicated, they would loose that personality if replicated. I really feel like that you can feel the fun the children were having by viewing their work. I was so inspired after viewing all the little lines and images. This time around the colors and feeling of happiness are what really spoke to me... Things that I will most likely try to translate into my work.  I of course took lots of pictures... These are just my favorite pieces from my outing. I wanted to capture them before it rained making room for more art to take it's place. 

I think next time I might just look up.