Tidbits of Joy

My friend Alison surprised me with a gift as a belated Christmas present. Knowing how much I love gnomes she thought a crochet gnome would be just the thing. I named her Penelope Honeysuckle. The name just popped into my head when I opened her tissue paper wrapper and I knew that was her name.

I love when I get gifts from friends that they have made. So much of their thought and time goes into it, it can make a girl feel special. I also love making things for people as well. I guess that’s why I’m going about life the way I am. After college I plan to start and little online shop selling clothing, accessories and what not that I have made. I love being a part of the creation of things that make other people happy and because they are happy I am happy too.

meet Penelope Honeysuckle, made for me by Alison Berry (http://alison-berry.com/)