Gifts of Appreciation

pretty little tin my Mama surprised me with
Hello there friends!

Valentines day is upon us and I will be the first to admit that I am not it's biggest fan but I am a fan of making everyone feel loved and noticed on this day. Soooo I have a proposition. You have to tell at least 4 people (yes 4) how much you appreciate them for Valentines day. It can range anywhere from a simple I love you to a handmade card saying thanks for being there. It doesn't matter how it's done just so that the person you are telling feels noticed on this day. Valentines day is a day that celebrates love no matter what kind, so celebrate with me! Lets let the people we love and care for feel noticed.

I'd love to here how others make people feel noticed and loved on Valentines day. I usually still pass out cheesy little cards with tattoos or stickers, lots of fun and love all in one little card.

Happy Valentines Day!