Google Fun

So recently I have become fond of looking at the google search logo to see how they have changed it. I find myself randomly visiting the google homepage just so that I can see what creative and silly way they have come up with for how to spell google. A few days ago though they posted one that I found incredibly amusing and wonderful. (it made the arty nerd inside of me happy) and so I shall share!

Behold Brancusi Google!!!
I just think it's so cool how they used his sculptures to create the word in honor of his birthday. 

Here are a few others that I have found


This one was in honor of Thomas Edison's Birthday. In the original the whole mechanism move to make the light bulb blink. 

I never found out what this one was for but it was really cool because you could move the little toggle and see all over the sea, for example like a really awesome octopus.

I wonder what they are going to do for Presidents day???