Pick Your Poison

It's the time of year that the Girl Scouts of the USA are out in full force. Why? Because it's girl scout cookie season. I had been good for so long. My friend Alison and I had been able to sneak by a few girls selling in the park. My Mama had avoided the moms selling at her work. What none of use were prepared for were the little girls waiting outside the Shop Rite exit in the rain jumping up and down saying "cookie cookie cookies!!!!" Our willpower came crumbling down and we gave into the smiling red noses and rosy cheeks of the girl scouts. Alison and I both got a box each of Carmel DeLites while my Mama got a box of Thin Mints. 

In all of this though a funny thing happened that sent both Alison and I down memory lane. I happened to mention that I had once been a Brownie myself when I was little. The scout leader and the girls got all excited because if they get a certain number of Alumni names they get a reward. Alison had also been a Brownie so we were both glad to help and my Mama had fun exchanging stories, former troupe leader to current. 

Darn those little cookies that you just hate to love... they're just so darn tasty