Ruba dub dub there's organic soap in my tub (my journey to finding my favorite soap....on Earth!!!)

my model new it's best angle
This past summer I was the color design intern for the brand Anthropologie. It was one of the best adventures of my life. During that internship URBN inc. set up trips for all of the interns to visit all of the brand stores in the area along with other places. So we all traveled to the local Anthro, Urban Outfitters, Free People and Terrain.  My favorite visit though was to Terrain, this is URBN's nursery and garden center. It was amazing to see all of the plants but to also see the URBN take on the gardening world. My Mama has worked at a tree nursery since I was about 8 and I used to spend everyday after school there, so maybe this is why I loved this visit the most.

There was a part of the store that was for fun home goods. Cookbooks and a Cafe that made you not care what the calorie count was. They had books and note paper that made you just want to sit right there on the floor to read or write your own story, and the soap section well... that's where the journey begins.

I  loved this bottle tree, my Mama has a few in her garden.
During this adventure I bought three things, a book for my mother called "Wise Women" by Joyce Tenneson, which I hope to have a copy of my own some day. The women in that book are so beyond inspirational and insightful. Along with the book I purchased a rosemary honeysuckle lotion and a bar of organic lavender soap.

I fell in love with the soap. It had real lavender in it and it was just the perfect thing to use at the end of a very busy or difficult day. For the first time it was really like I could just wash all of my troubles and stresses away.

So now that my last semester as a college student is about halfway over and the nail biting and the all nighters have started, I was recommending the soap to Alison while making plans to get some myself. I took her to Terrain's website only to find them sold out. I was crushed I saw no hope to ever be reunited with my favorite soap ever!!!!... This lasted for about a second and then I squealed look up the company who makes it!  That's when we found the wonderful St. Helena Olive Oil Co. from Nappa Valley. Their products range from olive oil to garlic salts to (my favorite) SOAP!!  There it was my precious lavender soap. We cheered in victory! Alison was excited to see that they had other scents as well, if there is someone who like soap more then me it's her.

We also found that they have a blog were they post really tasty looking recipe's that make Alison and I wish we didn't just have microwaves.

It was a journey more involved then I ever expected it would be. It was filled with wonderful places there were struggles and victories but in the end what matters is that I enjoyed every moment of it and was in the company of a good friend. What a girl would do for a good bar of soap.

all the photos I took while I was at Terrain, it was such a wonderful place to visit
I would love to hear others journey's for that special thing (whether it be soap or something else) that they had been searching for and finally found.