Celebrated Lady

So we already know that I have a fascination with how google changes their logo for special events and holiday's and wouldn't you know they have changed it again. This time for the 100th Anniversary of International Women's Day.

Google's Logo For the Day
How amazing is this? It's not only celebrating women but in a way that I feel speaks to many of us. The swirling colors the different time of women that appear. The whole image makes me feel as if it is of a gypsy caravan of all the amazing women in the world. 

Every day I am reminded of amazing women one because I go to an all women's college for the arts, so not only am I surrounded by talent but strong women from all over the world. 

So in celebration I would love to not only celebrate the women of the world but also the women who mean most to me in my life, that would be my Mama and my Nanny. These two women are the strongest I know and when put together they are unstoppable without them I wouldn't be half of who I am today.

My Mama and Nanny(her Mama) Mother's Day 2010

Who's your celebrated lady today?