All Wounds Heal

I debated on whether or not to share this but I decided to go ahead for the more I talk about it, the more I joke about it which means the better I feel. Yesterday I had a small cyst removed from my scalp, it had become fairly painful and now I'm on the road to recovery. This is the first time I've had anything like this done before besides a broken wrist when I was eight. I can no longer say I've never had stitches, or staples for that matter, Mama says it looks like I have a zipper in my head, in which my wonderful Aunt Debby made the joke "don't let anything out of thing out of it" which made me giggle.

I have to wear a wrap to keep pressure on the bandage, looks kinda funny doesn't it.
Before this though I never really noticed how much I hated talking about this type of thing when it happens to me. Before when a friend or family member is recovering I want to help them, be there for them to talk to but when it's me I feel weird telling people. I kept that I even had a cyst secret from most people for so long and then even now that I've had the surgery I have caught myself trying to figure out ways of how to hide it. This is nothing new though as Mama reminded me last night that when I did break my wrist I tried to hide that's a lot harder to hide a large purple cast. I guess it whittles down to that I don't like to appear weak, that I want to be strong for others, it's my job to worry about them, not for them to worry about me. I'm saying all of this now because I have realized how therapeutic it is to talk about it. My surgery was nothing compared to others but in the end it still hurts and it is not weak hurt or to talk about it.

In ten days the staples can come out and the wound can finish healing. In a weird way I feel my wanting to hide what I felt was weakness has only made me stronger. Thank goodness for spring break though because it allows me the time to just sit in bed and take it easy.