And So The Countdown Begins

Well I am very happy to announce that yesterday marked exactly one month till my college graduation. Yahoo! I am very excited for this chapter of my life to end so that the next can begin.  I have many exciting things planned for once I graduate and I can't wait to explore every one of them. One of these plans (of which my excitement can barely be contained) is that this summer I will be launching my own online business. I will be selling one of a kind accessories and clothing along with little whose and what's its that I make along with way. I have always talked about having my own business some day and I figured why not sooner then later. It's scary, and this is the biggest decision I have ever made, but I feel that starting my own little business is the right adventure for me.

With all that being said I still have to finish up school to get there and Whew what a week it's been. This week we had our eveningwear crit with critic Gina Sole owner of The Wedding Planner, here in Philadelphia, and our model fitting with the professional models that are booked for the end of the year show. The past few weeks have been spent by late nights in the studio, eating when I remember and sleeping when my eyes just refuse to stay open another second. Hard work pays off in the end though. I am very proud of my eveningwear. I had never before made a dress so fancy and it was definitely a learning experience when it came to the new materials that needed to be used. Same goes for the model fitting. Seeing my senior collection that I have labored on for a year on an actual model made all of the sleepless nights, tears, and fears of nothing fitting all worth it. It definitely renews ones drive.

I can't say when the next time I will be able to share with you all  will be and I truly do miss it when I can't. Our final senior crit is April 25 and then everything is due May 5th so I am going to be a busy little bee for the next few weeks. 

Hope everyone is enjoying the warmer weather!! Remember even if you have lots of work to do get outside for a bit and enjoy the fresh spring air. (I just bring my work with me)
a sneak peak to my eveningwear, (photo taken by Tricia Mac)