Seeing It All Come Together

So I have something completely exciting to share that happened this past week. As I have mentioned, this past summer I was the Color Design Intern for Anthropologie. During which I helped with many tasks and had many wonderful experiences that I will never forget.  My bosses were amazing and I feel that I learned so much from them.

While doing my internship I was given the opportunity to do a few embellishment prototype designs and see if they could be used for a future trend and one of the mock-ups I did was chosen! You can only imagine my excitement. I had spent a couple of weeks doing the beading by hand and getting feed back from my boss and to see it picked was one of the greater highlights of my internship. After that though came the wait for it to hit stores. We were working almost a year in advance so I knew I would have to watch for it.

A friend and classmate of mine who was also interning there was in the same boat. We periodically searched the New Arrivals on Anthro's website waiting for the items that we helped to create appear and last week they did!!

Presenting the Florid Garland Tank!
Florid Garland Tank $78, Anthropologie
I am so happy with the way it turned out. When I saw it on the website I went right out the next day and Purchased one for myself. It's very comfortable and the color looks great on my skin.  I bought a large because the shirt is cut loose which gives it a very fun and whimsy feel. 

The original prototype I worked on while interning.
I also really like how they adapted the final shirt from the prototype that I originally did while working for them. It's fun to see the process from mock-up to final. See, I have finished my internship and Anthropologie is still teaching me things.  Interning for Anthropologie was an amazing experience and now I have a fun memento to remember the work I did there and the people who I worked with.

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