Celebrate Your Mamma!!

I just want to say Happy Mama's Day to all of the beautiful and hardworking mama's of the world!!

Every year I try to do something special for my Mama. I was glad that I could return home to celebrate with my Mama and my Nanny (her mama). I would not be even half the woman that I am without these two. Their strength amazes me and I love that they are not only my Mama and my Nanny but my best friends as well. So I try to do something extra special for them.  This year I took my Mama out for sushi at her favorite sushi place in Philadelphia called Numa (used to be Moshi Moshi) and now today my Mama and I are taking my Nanny out to lunch. I love spending time with these two in general but it's always nice to make the day extra special. So join me in celebrating the women in our lives who without them we would neither be here or who we are.

Here's to the wonderful Mama's in my life...
My Mama and her Mama. These two women never cease to amaze me in their strength, knowledge, and beauty.
My Mama and Me
And last but not least the newest addition to Mama-hood is my beautiful cousin(who I consider my sister) . This is her and my precious little munchkin of a niece.