The Next Chapter Begins!!!

Today something very special happened to me... I GRADUATED COLLEGE!!! It was an amazing day that included many hugs, many many tears, and more smiles then you could believe. Friends and I even joked about the day being just like the movie "Mona Lisa Smiles". I am tearing up just thinking about all of it. All of the hard work and sleepless nights all make sense now. Moore College of Art & Design has been a wild roller coaster and has changed me for the better. I have met some of my dearest friends who I know will be with me for the rest of my life. (plans for get togethers are already in the works) It's hasn't been easy and there have been many times when I have called my mama on the phone crying my eyes out not knowing how I would make it through a project, but I always did. My mama gave me the strength I needed to go through it all, my nanny the never ending encouragement, and my dad however it may have annoyed me at the time always made sure that I saw the silver lining no matter how dark the cloud may have been. It took all of that to graduate today. Today I graduated from Moore College of Art & Design Magna Cum-Laude with a BFA in Fashion Design, but this is only the beginning. College may have ended today but tomorrow I embark on a new journey, a journey of being a small business owner, a dedicated god-mother and auntie, and the best daughter/person I can be. Congratulations Ladies of the class of 2011 we have survived our time at Moore and it has changed us for the better as much as we have changed it. Our memories that we made will linger the halls feeding the energy of inspiration for future women in the arts.

My Nanny and Me and my Pop-Pop in the back ground I'm so glad everyone could come.

My Mama and Me

Friends for Life (from left to right me, Andrea Lowe, Rebecca Heaps, Alison Berry)

My 7 month old niece was able to see me graduate!

The Senior Ladies of 401 (we have been roommates since freshman year) and are now dearest friends.
*****(Photo's of my dad and I will be coming soon, those ones were taken with real film so I sadly don't have them right now)*****

Other exciting news (I've been very busy you see). My Senior Fashion show was last night. It was an amazing time and amazing feeling. I was a ball of nerves but everything went well. The Show was titled The Rite of Spring and the fashion show production class that I was a part of planned the night to make the guests feel as though they were in Paris. Their were a range of inspirations from Maurice Sendak to Gypsies, to different time periods and cultures. My models did amazing jobs as did every ones. I have 5 looks to my collection which was called Heirloom and was based off of the beautiful artwork of Kelly Rae Roberts, an artist who I deeply admire. I tried to keep the essence of the works in my clothes.  I will have lots of pictures for you all later!!

Doing this collection has really helped me find who I wanted to be after college. Whether I wanted to work for a corporate company, a small design firm or try my hand at costuming but I have always wanted to own my own business, and so I do, but I will tell you all more about that a little later.

For tonight I am just going to enjoy being graduated and tomorrow a new chapter begins.