Gettin' Organized

Sofearo enjoying a nice summer day i.e. trying to eat my camera cord
Today I'd like to share my path to staying more organized then ever! I've never been much of the type to make lists or keep calendar's. I just seem to never be able to keep up with them or stick to them. Even when I was younger in elementary school we used to get agenda's to keep our homework listed in. I just drew in them . I always new what I had to do, remembered it just fine, so I found it silly and a bit redundant to write it down again. So when I got to college I continued to not make lists and up until the last few weeks of college I still felt this way.

That's when I made and kept to my first to do list. It may be silly but I found it felt like such an accomplishment just to check off something on the list. A few weeks later a friend of mine gave me a personal organizer for graduation and I am now totally hooked on keeping lists and following a calendar. With being in the beginning stages of setting up my own small business this little book has seriously made being organized 10 times easier. With a million things happening having it all written down makes those things so much easier to keep track of.
I love this thing it has a monthly and daily calendar, a to do list section, a note pad, address book and lots of fun little nooks and crannies to keep things in. I also love the color and the vine detailing on the spine ^_^ It's from Day Runner.
Update:  I know some of you have been waiting patiently for more info about Celebrated Lady and today I can give you some. The website is currently under construction exciting! It's coming along just fine. All the I's are dotted now to just cross the T's. Also Celebrated Lady is preparing for it's first little faire in New Jersey. If your close by and interested in supporting Celebrated Lady's first faire adventure I will have more information for you later this week.