Imagination Inspiration

I pull inspiration from all over, nature, artists I admire, movies, books, etc...  So when I'm in the feeling of needing more inspiration I have to go on a hunt. I dig through old post cards. I go to the local flea market and a bunch of other things to find it. I also surf the web looking for beautiful pictures to catch my eye.

Years ago I once found a picture of Angkor Wat in Cambodia and fell in love with it just everything about it the architecture and just even how the photo was taken. Since I don't currently have the means to travel in such a big way, this is how I can in a way travel. Immerse my self in a photo graph or a drawing just like Julie Andrews and Dick Van Dyke did in Mary Poppins. Either way I find inspiration and stories in these images.

My point is that inspiration is everywhere, and I mean everywhere.  With that in thought I thought I would share some of what I have found while searching with web that inspires me.

I love glass arts and cats enough said... 

close your!!

I love food, the colors the shapes....down side...makes me hungry

A home design that so much more it's wonderful. (I pretty much want everything they make)

I'm not one to keep my nails painted (I always mess them up) but these are just fantastic little works of art.

Landmarks... and around the world, I'll take that trip

well that's enough for now.

So now that I have you thinking, what inspires you? What makes your heart skip a beat and creates your urge to make something or do something? I'd love to hear it.