Fancy Pants...Or Should I Say Dresses

Let's just say as a child I definitely had a style that was my own. This a bit of time was spent going through some things and I found some old pictures. As a kid that grew up during the 90's I never really much dressed like it. A lot of my clothes were proud hand-me-downs from my cousin or purchased a flea markets and thrift shops and I never minded because I got pretty dresses and I was absolutely fine with that. From about the ages of possibly 3 to 8,  pants were a no go. They were hated. My Mama would get so frustrated and would try to convince me to wear them, the only way I would is if a dress was on over them.  We have chalked it up to me being a major Shirley Temple fan at the time and always wanting to dress like her. I even used to get all dressed up and sing along to her songs.   My Mama jokes that she should have known she had an artist on her hands.

This was not a costume,  at the moment the picture was taken I was indeed wearing it as one for a  town festival but I distinctly remember wearing it other places as well.

One of my favorite photos of me when I was little and it is the epitome of how I used to dress. Dress.... check, big gigantic bow beret with sparkles......check, patent leather shoes and ruffle socks.....check check.

I got this dress when I was in third grade. My Nanny and Pop-pop got it for me from Dollywood's Lid'l Dolly's dress shop. I loved this dress I always felt like a Alice in Wonderland , or Shirley Temple in it. 

and last but not least my first design. THE TOILET PAPER DRESS!! I was 3 here my mom was unpacking our house from moving and she knew I was up to something because everything got quiet. The next thing she knows I'm coming out of the bathroom asking her how she liked my dress.... I used a whole roll.

Now I know I'm not the only one who had a fun sense of fashion when they were little so if you have some time, and feel like sharing, I'd love to hear about your childhood fashion stories.