Two For Tea

Well I'm sick ...summer cold. You know coughing, fever, sore throat all that fun stuff (don't worry went to the doctor which I usually never do but they told me it was just a cold )...go figure. For the past week my Mama and I have been trying to get over the worst of it. We've both had it a long while.

Although time sick has been spent drinking a lot of my favorite tea. It's called RedRose that we get at the local supermarket. We usually drink the original or  the naturally decaffeinated. I've been drinking it as hot tea in which a little sugar and honey make an amazing instant feel better drink and as sweet tea because well lets face it's summer and for me summer and iced tea just kinda go together...sick or not.  

The recipe for our sweet tea is rather very simple...

  • boil the desired amount of water (we usually just make a whole teapot)
  •  fill the bottom of the pitcher with lots of sugar (lots! it's not sweet tea if it's not sweet)             *splenda can work as a substitute for the sugar*
  • we usually use 8 bags of tea (strong and sweet), secure the hang tags to the handle so that then can easily be pulled out of the pitcher when needed and so that they don't fall in. (a twisty tie is perfect for this)
  • then fill the pitcher about a quarter full with the boiled water, carefully stir the sugar around with a spoon so it starts to dissolve. (be careful of splashes and the steam, you don't want to get burnt)
  • now fill the pitcher the rest of the way and put the tea bags in so that they just hang in the water. 
  • Finally if there's a lid put it on and set the pitcher in the fridge, we usually leave it in overnight before drinking it, if you like your tea really strong and you have the will power leave it in for two nights.

So there you have it get your teapot out and start boiling in the meantime I've been sick for over a week now and so in the time I've spent in bed trying to get better I came across the most adorable pairs of shoes. 
check them out