Todays My Birthday!!

Well Hello all!!

For the title of this post it is pretty obvious what day today is. This is the first birthday in four years that I have been able to celebrate my birthday at home with family. If I had been going back to college, today would have been my first day of classes. I'm glad this is not the case.

Last night I had a wonderful birthday dinner at my Nannie's (my mama's mama) house. She made one of my favorite dinners, macaroni & cheese with sweet Italian sausage mixed in. I love the stuff. She also made one of my favorite desserts. It's a dumpling dough that is boiled with peaches and blue berries that you then put a mixture of powdered sugar and butter on top, it's sooooo tasty.

I love how the colors mix together in the bowl, the blueberries make the dough so purple.

After that we did presents where I got an amazing cookbook that I am so excited to get to using, a cool little Rosie the riveter lunch box tin , that I can't wait to find a fun use for and a little glass elephant statue, well because I love elephants. 

After that we truly made it a night of sweets and indulged in a cake I had baked earlier in the day, It's a two layer lemon cake with butter cream icing. 

Also in exciting news, I was asked to have an alumni profile on Moore College of Art & Design's website! I was so honored and excited. If you have a moment you should check out all of the profiles. So many talented women are listed there. 

Almost forgot and in the way of crazy weather, yesterday I experienced my first earthquake which since I'm on the east coast of the United States is not a normal occurrence that we have an earthquake strong enough to feel but sure enough yesterday afternoon we had one. It was a 5.9 quake that started in Virginia and was felt in most of the east coast. I was in my studio working at the time and all of a sudden all my beads started to rattle across the table.

Well I'm off to enjoy my birthday, so enjoy this lovely summer day (even if it is raining in my part of the world)...but who cares it's my birthday!