What I've Been Up To

Things have been moving right along around here. Sorry I haven't shared in a while, I went on vacation and then things to get done just kept gathering up and it would be an under statement to say things are still a bit crazy around here. Planning events, Still making my niece's christening dress, working on getting Celebrated Lady's Etsy running and amidst all that we have been dealing with some crazy flooding in my neck of the woods, three lakes flooded over there dams and no word yet on just how much damage was caused because it just keeps on raining. So far my part of town has remained okay "knock wood" but please send your hearts out to the families and people that it has effected.

Here's what else I've been up to...


My Mama and I spent the better part of a week in Ocean City New Jersey. It's a place I've loved to go since I was little. The board walk, the ocean, the fudge, my mom and I make the joke that we go to the shore to just to eat. 

Almost every day we had breakfast at a little restaurant that was across the street from our hotel called the Blooming Tulip (One day we had pastries from a tasty little bakery down the street). Everything I've ever had there has been very good whether it be breakfast, lunch, or dinner. The food is like upscale diner food so prepare to ask for a box and be happy that you have tasty leftovers to enjoy. 

and if we didn't eat there we got our pizza from our favorite pizza place on the boardwalk Mack' ~ Manco. It just isn't a trip to the shore without Mack' & Manco's. 

This pizza is so good, even if our pizza carrying skills could use some work. When we got it back to the hotel room we had shifted the pizza a bit and as you can see it bent a bit, but who cares when the pizza was just that good.

But the food at the boardwalk isn't just about lunch and dinner it's also about the tasty treats you can get after. I have three favorites to get. Fudge, Salt-water taffy, and....Dippin' Dots!

This is Dippin' Dots, probably my favorite kind of ice cream in the world! It's like regular ice cream but it's frozen into tiny beads at sub-zero temperatures! It comes in a lot of different flavors my favorite is good ole' vanilla while my Mama likes to get Birthday Cake.

Here you can really see that the ice cream is little beads.

Fudge form Steel's is my favorite I got vanilla, maple walnut, and coconut. I love the coconut (the last bar on the right), I'd never had it before and now it's my favorite...
well besides the fudge my mama makes.

But we didn't just eat...

We shopped! The rest of our vacation time was spent with naps on the beach, watching a massive thunderstorm, exploring the beach in the rain and, walking on the boardwalk or on Asbury Avenue, meandering in and out of shops as we so pleased. 

Even though my favorite antique shop was no longer there that didn't stop me from finding new shops and visiting some of m old favorites.

These shops at the shore ,if you should ever go, are worth checking out.

Potomac Bead Company (where you can almost find every bead under the sun and if your up for it they have a workshop set up to create jewelry right there in the front of the store, 

Atlantic City Books because I pretty much fall in love with any book store, but i have found books there that I have found no where else and be sure to check both locations for they carry different books. This year I found a really interesting copy of Jane Eyre with fantastic cover art and an old book of prints by Erte.

Mia's Christmas Gallery, it's Christmas all year around there and there is just so much to look at even if you don't get anything.

a little shop called Pacific Soul Imports everything in the store is hand made in Bali or Indonesia. It's a wonderful little store filled with beautiful hand crafted items that the owners themselves travel to Bali each year to pic out and purchase directly form the artisans themselves. I was so excited about this store because I have always been very interested in the cultures of the Pacific Islands, how vast and different they can be and a alike. This store was a very fresh and welcome surprise. 

and The Islander which is a small little shop that almost feels like the equivalent of free people at the shore. The clothes are be fun to look at even if you don't buy but my favorite part is their gives and home goods. I bought a star lantern their and once I have it hanging I will surely share pictures. I also bought to pictures to hang in my studio by an artist who I had never heard of but have come to love Anahata Katkin. Her work is so inspiring and I love the themes and moods she uses as well as the way she uses color. 

I had an amazing time and was glad to have a getaway with just my Mama and me but I was completely ready to come home, see my cats, my family, and get back to working on my studio (which I am now able to work in since it is freed from all of the four years of stuff it had accumulated while I was in college.  It's not done yet though but I promise when it is I will share pictures. In the mean time I have much to prepare for like for example my birthday is next week. I almost forgot my-self and I really can't believe it's around the corner but the 22 train is chuggin' on in and it will be here even sooner then I could believe. 

on a strange happy note that almost screams that the seasons are preparing to change, last week we had turkey's in our backyard a mama and many little babies.