1 Little, 2 Little, 3 Little Cook Books!

Recently I have been messing around in my kitchen. Attempting to cook and exploring the wonderful world of life post college and raman noodles are perfect for every meal. Even if I still occasionally indulge in what has now become a comfort food. Anyway... I have never been known to be gifted in cooking. I can bake and decorate a cake fairly well but when it came to cooking if I couldn't make it in the microwave the extent of what I could do was limited. My glory was that I could make a grilled cheese the way my Nannie does and I figured that was pretty darn good.

But, see here is the deal I no longer have any good excuses for why i don't cook, I have someone to cook for besides me, I no longer live in a college dorm, and beyond all of that I am the great granddaughter of an Italian chef, it's like blasphemy that I couldn't even cook spaghetti.

So I have embarked on an adventure into unknown territory and so far it's going good. For years now I have been collecting recipes saying "Oh well maybe one day I'll be able to make that." and now I am. One day a few weeks ago when I really just wanted an cheese and mushroom omelet, we had all of the ingredients in the fridge so why not give it a shot right? It couldn't be that hard to make one, so I did... with out a recipe... and it wasn't gourmet or anything but it was good. Thank goodness it was or the doors to a wonderful and might I add tasty world may not have been opened.

This past week though I was very lucky to come across a few new cookbooks that I will share with you because well. I find them pretty amazing.

The first one is Little Kitchen by Sabrina Parrini. This book is manly meant for children to use with the assistance of an adult but I figured what better place to start. The book is very well written and I find It has a lot of great and easy recipes that are tasty. I have found that some of the measurements might be a little off but that's my personal tastes, more of this less of that. So far I have made the "Thick-cut French Toast" that is topped with cinnamon and sugar and the "Tuna Pinwheels" which have tuna fish, cream cheese, and chives and I can't wait to try the rice fritters.

The second book Cooking with Italian Grandmothers Recipes and Stories from Tuscany to Sicily by Jessica Theroux I haven't yet made anything from this book because I feel it's still out of my skill level but one day I will. I was drawn to this book because as I mentioned I'm of Italian decent, my father's family is from both Sicily and Tuscany so naturally this book caught my eye. The fun think is that the book travels across Italy collecting recipes. Just so you know though don't look through this book if your not prepared to want to eat, just looking at the pictures makes me hungry.

Lastly the third book is Cupcakes From the Primrose Bakery by Martha Swift and Lisa Thomas. I Have not baked anything from this book either yet but I love baking and I love decorating what I bake. This book truly got be when I saw the cover the pictures look as tasty as I'm sure the recipes are to be. It gives your the recipes for both the cupcakes and the icing which I am very excited about.

Also this pas weekend I when treasure hunting with my mama (antiquing and yard sailing) and I found this amazing print set. It's a sign and price marking set by The Art. It was made in Chicago USA but beyond that there is no date so not telling exactly how old it is, I've googled it and found not info except someone selling it on eBay being left as curious about when it was made as I am. I just can't wait to use it. I love finding things like this I also found an amazing set of mixing bowls, I took it as a sign of encouragement for learning how to cook I already used them to make coconut sugar cookies. so yummy.