Where did August go? September I wasn't quite ready for you yet.

August was an interesting month that in my opinion went by entirely to fast. This past week was no different.

But I want to take a moment to talk about weather. Not only did we have the earthquake that I mentioned in last weeks post we then had a very unwelcome visit by Hurricane Irene. We've already had so much rain here this year and local dams have already been washed out that Irene was especially unwelcome this year. In the end though my area was fairly lucky, but I would like to ask please send your hearts out to those who weren't. Please send your hearts out to the families who lost everything in this and who still don't have power.

On a brighter note I've have started meditating in the morning. I like it because it gives me that quiet moment in the beginning to the day to just collect my thoughts and clear my mind. It's definitely helped with my bad habit of being a worry-wort. I just deal with my worries then and then go one about my day not letting them shackle themselves to my feet. I've also started reading the book "Eat, Pray, Love" by Elizabeth Gilbert. I loved the movie and instantly wanted to read the book. I bought it a couple of weeks ago and finally got around to reading it. I have this rule that I can't start one book if I haven't finished another. 
From Elizabeth Gilbert's website
Anyway I love this book it's so witty and relatable and a little fun fact since I was young I have always wanted to go Italy, India and Bali. I find it funny because I was 13 going around saying that this is where I want to travel... and since at the moment a trip like this is completely out of the question I shall be traveling vicariously through this book. Right now I'm still in Italy.