It's Only The Beginning

This week marks only the beginning for my business. Celebrated Lady now has items available for sale online at Etsy! So please stop by Etsy and check it out. Also more info about what Celebrated Lady is doing can be found at Celebrated

This summer has been so eventful this summer I almost didn't realize that it passed.  Now the leafs are starting to change color and the weather is getting chilly which for the first time in my life I am welcoming it. I usually only love the heat of summer. Opening the windows and burning the candles, it's such a lovely time. I also had a blast decorating the house for Fall.This past weekend I was maid-of-honor in my best friends wedding. It was such a wonderful occasion and I could not be happier for her. While preparing for the wedding us girls went and got our nails done, I had never had my nails done at a salon before. I'm the type of girl where I don't usually wear make-up and I usually mess up my nails as fast as it took to do them.I must say though I had so much fun getting them done. I highly recommend it and it wasn't too expensive and lasted for me about a week which is very good considering all that I put my hands through. Also happening my niece is about to be a year old already I can't believe it. Talk about time passing so fast.

This week also I received a cookbook from a family friend that I am so excited to cook from.  It's the Fall 2011 edition of  30-Minute suppers. Her and I were chatting about her loving to cook and me learning to cook and she surprised me. We are planning on exchanging which recipes we like from it. I am really interested in trying out the Curried Chicken Meatballs with Rice Pilaf. I will have to let you all know how it turns out.

I've realized that my last few posts have had a mention of food, I guess you can really tell what is on my mind.

On that note I would love to hear some of your favorite cooking adventures.