So this past week I've been going through a little phase where I need inspiration, part of me feels that maybe I just have too much inspiration but what ever the cause I am feeling the results head on. My issue I've dug out my looms and I'm all ready to sit down and knit... but what to knit is the question? I start something and then say oh that's not right, or it's missing something, take it all apart and start over again. It's frustrating because I have this urge to knit something to create something and yet all I seem to be creating are tangle globs of yarn that are left over from its removal of the loom. This led me to try my hand at crocheting again. I have this lovely book A to Z of Crochet and I dabbled with some of the stitches I had never learned and still the same thing happened.

I have decided I must succumb to my knitting rut, no matter how hard that may be. I'm actually a fairly stubborn person so I usually say to myself... "come on Jen just make a decision"... but this time it's not happening ... I don't want to just make a decision so I shall wait till the decision comes to me. In the meantime I have other projects that I can work on so it's not a worry of not having something to do.

One thing though is that I am very happy to have found a new recipe. While scooting about the Internet looking for inspiration for this knitting project that refuses to happen, I found my self on one of my favorite cooking sites... you know where one usually ends up when looking for knitting stuff. The recipe is for a snicker-doodle cupcake. Being a fan of the cookie, one could imagine my excitement. It looks sooo tasty I can't wait to try it out.