Season To Be Jolly

I was playing around on the computer for a spare moment when I realized...I hadn't shared anything here since Thanksgiving. Things have just been so busy I've been baking what feels like everyday. I have been hard at work making inventory for the launch of Celebrated Ladies Spring Collection and in all honestly enjoying a bit of the season. So I'll just play a little bit of catch up.

A few weeks again I heard "I want a Hippopotamus for Christmas" on the radio, and at that moment I thought... Ok Christmas time is here, and I must admit I had forgotten how wonderful it could be.  Going out and driving around to see the different Christmas lights, the songs on the radio, baking and decorating the Church plays that display the true meaning of Christmas, time with family and friends. I love it all.  This is my first Christmas season were I have been able to be home for it in the past four years. Usually I would only get home three or four days before Christmas fresh off of a string of all nighters and finals. Don't get me wrong I still loved and enjoyed Christmas, but it was nothing compared to this year.

I must say I've had adventures experiencing this season. I have been bested by gingerbread (it doesn't like to be mini-cupcakes). Celebrated my Mama's 50th Birthday in style. Had fun little get togethers with friends with more to come. Went to an adorable and meaningful church play. So much is going on and I just want to do and see all of it. 

That being said yesterday was my Mama's Birthday! This past Sunday we had her party. Since it was her 50th we wanted to have it a bit bigger than normal and what she wanted was to have her party at a local Skating rink where her and her friends would hang out all the time at when she was younger. The party was a blast. Old friends and new sat side by side sharing memories and pizza. I baked the cake for the party she wanted a cupcake cake and so she had it.

80 mini cupcakes of yellow cake and chocolate made this up. We had a few topples and they shifted a bit in the car but it tasted good and she loved it so that's all that mattered. At the end of the night my cousin and I drug my Mama out on the ring (no skates) to teach her a dance. Which I must say was a lot of fun. All in all it was a fun night and she had a blast which is all that mattered. 

On her actual birthday her friends at work decorated her door and made her a cake. We had dinner with my grandparents and when we got home I surprised her with her own Dark Chocolate Fudge Cake.

It's so fun to finally be old enough to do things like this for my Mama. She has done so much for me and it's nice that I can finally do things like this for her.