Moving Into The New Year...

Happy New Year Everyone! I hope that everyone is happy and healthy.

Boy let me tell you the past few weeks have flown by but they have been full of family and love. I always say that my favorite thing about the Holiday's is food and family.  Oven Roasted Turkey that my mom makes on Christmas and the gourmet dinners my uncle prepares for the Night of Seven fishes... pretzel encrusted tuna and seafood pasta... enough said, it's is all the centerpiece for family sitting around the table showing love to each other and love through food. The fact that everything tastes amazing doesn't hurt either.

So instead of telling you how my Christmas Holiday was I thought it might be nice to just show you...

My Nanny and Pop-pop giving my little niece (her great-grandparents) a book of the "Night Before Christmas" that they recorded so it has them reading it to her.

The cake I baked. It was yellow cake with peppermint icing.

 I used food coloring to add a little surprise... green and red cake!

My little niece and the Zanny Zoo toy I got her. It made me so happy to see that she liked it. I was very impressed with this toy. The colors used and the construction was very nice. I liked the fact that is was made of wood. The most important part was that she liked it and actually a few of the adults kept playing with it too.

Last but not least Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from Sofie-Cat and I.
 He's got his little bow tie on and believe me he's not unhappy he just never looks at the camera so he ends up looking miserable.