Photo Fun

I'm now on Pinterest! I love it there. Such a fun place so much inspiration coursing through it.  I love that I can share things that inspire me, art that I love or that I find interesting with others, a little insight through images. If you have a moment you should stop by my pin boards.

Anyway... lately I've been taking a lot of photos. Some are for inspiration others are just for fun but, what I notice when I was going through them all was that I had some pretty fun photos things I have found interesting. I enjoy them because I remember taking the photos and seeing everything first hand but it's almost as if the images changed in their journey as subject, to camera, to computer.  So I decided that I'd share a few.  

This was a ceiling in the kids garden at Longwood Gardens, I love how the light shines through.

This fountain was so fun water would shoot out of the flower to hit a bell above it to mark the hour.

Holly Berries!