Illustration Friday: Fluid

"Fresh Lemonade" ©Jennifer Vitale 2012
This weeks Illustration Friday theme is "fluid". Usually I like to start the beginnings of my drawing on the day the new theme is given and then work on it over the weekend. This weekend though I spent the better part of it being stumped. I had no idea what to draw for fluid. I came up with little ideas but when pencil came to just wasn't working. I had an idea that I kept coming back to though and that was lemonade.

 I'm missing summer days a bit lately and lemonade is a drink that I always associate with Summer. Why?... This is because my Nannie would always make sure she had some lemonade made when I went to her house in the summer. It was my favorite.

So with this in mind I kept searching for how can I make this thought work and then "poof" there it was... draw a lemonade stand. I also found it fun because I haven't drawn a child in years and I wasn't quite sure if I could get it to work. But I went for it anyway.

It was fun to think of summer while working on this during the week and I love the idea that I get to share a bit of what summer means to me through a glass of lemonade.