Happy Birthday!

Happy 76th Birthday Nannie!

One of my favorite photos of my Nannie and I when I was 16.

 Today is my Nannie's 76th birthday. She is an amazing woman who will never cease to inspire me in her strength and wisdom. I find that this is a doubly wonderful time because this week on March 8th is also International Women's Day. What better way to honor women for the day then to honor one of the most important women in my life. She raised my mother to be a strong, independent woman so that my mother could pass those lessons down to me. 

I think of all of the wonderful things my Nannie has done for me over the years. The wonderful little things that have made my life so much richer just from being around her.

When I was little I used to spend every day at my Nannie's house. My Mama had to work during the day and even though I missed her this gave my Nannie and I time to form a relationship that I am so glad I have today. While at her house we would play board games like chinese checkers which I can say to this day I'm not sure whether I have ever honestly won a game against her. I would ride my bike up and down the driveway while she worked in her garden or we would go into the fields in the back of her house and fly kites. How we used to wear matching watches. Even when she had to do house work she had a wonderful way of turning it into a game for me so that I got to help and still have fun... a trait I see my Mama has with my niece. 

For lunch she always made me a cheese grilled as I called it... I had a habit of saying things backwards. She would take me and my cousins food shopping and get us slices of cheese from the deli that we would eat like mice, conserving every little bit to make it last the longest.  She would read to us, do our hair, and be the photographer... when my cousins and I did something especially ornery as we often did. 

She is an amazing woman and without her some of my favorite people in the world would not be here. She has given so much of herself to her family and I hope one day that I can look back and have just as interesting stories to tell as she has told me. 

Happy Birthday Nannie, I love you.