Illustration Friday: Intention

"Intention to Celebrate" ©Jennifer Vitale 2012

So this weeks Illustration Friday theme was Intention. I won't lie it took me a bit to think of something fitting to draw and instead of trying to fit the theme I made the theme fit me. I chose this week to draw a cake. This is for two reasons, not only for the celebration of of my Nannie's birthday but also to celebrate National Women's Day. There is a bit of a story to my reasoning so here it goes...

Earlier this week I posted that It was my Nannies birthday week as well as the same week that International Women's Day is. Both are extremely important events to me because... well for one it's my Nannie's Birthday and two International Women's Day actually in a way gave me the inspiration on what to name my business.

Last year on March 8th I wrote a post honoring my Mama and my Nannie for National Women's Day which I titled Celebrated Lady. Meanwhile I had been doing a bunch of research for as to what I was going to call my business that I wanted to start. I had come up with lots of ideas but nothing clicked nothing seemed right. Not long after I posted the blog it was nothing short of an epiphany... and I'm not really exaggerating. I was in the car and it hit me. I wanted my business to celebrate women, to make them feel celebrated and happy so what better way to display that then to name my business Celebrated Lady! I love that I wanted to have a business that empowered women  and that the name for the whole business was inspired by a day that does just that.

So now that it's explained I thought a cake would fit just right. Whenever there is a celebration of any sort  I like to bring a cake... or cupcakes sometimes, but mainly something in the cake family. This week I had ever intention of celebrating these two events, and I brought the cake to the party.