Looking Forward to Spring

The past few days around here it's been nothing but cold, rainy, and gray. Because this tends to be a common trait in our winters every year around this time I get a bit of a case of the doldrums. I start to feel all anxious and impatient, no matter how I try to avoid the inevitable. It seems to always sneaks up on me. I do know why this happens though and it's all because I can't wait from Spring to arrive.

Like a little girl waiting for Santa, with the same enthusiasm I look forward to the warmer months of Spring and Summer. Their vast amounts of sunshine, flowers, and cozy breezes just make life all the more... sunnier. Don't get me wrong I love every season in some way but Spring is when everything comes alive.

I look out my studio window and I see the little buds on our Hydrangea bush just waiting to bloom teasing me. There is just so much to do in Spring and so much that I'm excited about. So this week I decide to share a bit of my plans for Spring... a Spring 2012 resolution if you will.

First on the list is to decide on a color to paint my studio and do it.
 I'm tired of the white walls. I want color!

Make more time for reading books. 
I've only read one book in nine months and that is just not enough adventure for me.

Spend more time outside. 
This cold weather has kept me cooped up for much to long.

Take time to smell the roses... literally

Go to more Museums

Finally take my Mama to Grounds For Sculpture... I've only been telling her about it for years.

Revisit Longwood Gardens (it's so pretty in the Spring and I would love to see my niece among the flowers like a little fairy)


Paint more

Little lists like this give me so much excitement and are a big help when a cloudy winter day gets me down. I just sit back an imagine all the wonderful things I will do when the weather gets warmer and the days longer. 

I would love to hear others lists and plans for Spring. Lets share the excitement.

Taken as Longwood Gardens last Spring. Their roses were beautiful.