Storm Windows Up, Screens Down!

Happy First Day of Spring!

The view from my studio. I love looking out and seeing the budding Hydrangea's
Spring has finally chose to visit my little part of the world and I couldn't be happier. The past few weeks I have made no attempt once so ever to hide my excitement and longing for Spring. The past few days have been sunny and warm... absolutely wonderful.

Spring brings so many wonderful sounds with it,  like the birds who are my alarm clock in the tree every morning. I love to hear them sing. The soft breezes the make the leaves and wind chimes sway outside the windows of my studio. The sound of a train horn passing some distance away but loud enough to hear. It's all so wonderful... It creates a beautiful combination of noise... it's music to my ears.

Then there is also the aroma of Spring. My Mama is an avid gardener and when Spring comes, our yard comes to life. Don't get me wrong it's nice in the winter, but it is alive in the spring and summer. The smell of Hyacinth's fills the air as soon as you leave the door. It's as if the world smells of sunshine and green.

Because of all of this I have been productive as ever. I have been filled with inspiration for things for Celebrated Lady, personal projects and more. I want to throw open the windows letting the fresh Spring air into the house and just spend the day painting. I want to grab my sewing machine and just start stitching away and see where it takes me.

Today I'm even going to make a lovely little tasty treat. I have a bit of a guilty pleasure and that is coconut. I love it, and being that this past Saturday was St. Patrick's Day I had intended to make some Irish Potato Candies. Time escaped me though and here it is Tuesday and I still haven't made them yet. So... I'm going to. I have never made them on my own so I found this fun recipe on that looks pretty easy to do, so I'm going to give it a go.

I really do love this time of year. This is the first Spring I have been home for in four years, not cooped up in a studio with tinted windows that don't open. I intend to enjoy it!