Egg Hunts and Bunny Cake!

This past Sunday was Easter. The day started bright and early at 6:00am for sunrise service with my Mama. It was chilly but as the sun came up you could feel with light and warmth pass right through you. It was wonderful and once the service was finished we all made our way inside to share a lovely breakfast together.

After church it was time to head over to my Aunts house for the family feast, one of my favorite parts of any holiday is the food and family, needless to say I enjoyed this.

The main event is always the easter egg hunt. We used to have a little kids one and a big kids one (meaning my cousin Amber and I who are both in our twenties) but this year since my little niece was able to easter egg hunt, we decided to have only one.

As the older kids ran off in a mad dash after the countdown finished my niece Arielle ran as fast as her little legs would carry her around the yard yelling "Go Go Go". It was the cutest thing ever.

Race For The Last Egg!
In the end Arielle had a blast and was rewarded with her newly discovered favorite treat... Peeps!

As for the big kids one found 19 and then two found 25...a tie!! Quickly us adults thought to have the two choose a number between one and ten and so the winner was decided.

We all gathered around the tables for dinner, made jokes, ate good food and were thankful.

Dessert was my doing though. There is a small family tradition of baking a cake in the shape of a bunny. My Nannie used to do it (and her cake mold looks pretty realistic) but last year was my first year to do it. I use a more modern mold but it's still a bunny cake.

I had so much fun decorating it! I used buttercream icing and made the eyes, nose, and teeth out of chocolate. For the ears I used edible sugar pearls.

 This was my first time using edible grass, it adds such a fun touch, it's a weird texture but tastes good. The two flavors I had were strawberry and green apple. To finish off the cake I place Hershey chocolate eggs around the bottom, just like the egg hunt.

 I didn't get any pictures of it cut but there was a little surprise...Since it was a bunny head cake I dyed the yellow cake red... It made everybody laugh so it was worth it.