Illustration Friday: Return

"Her Return" © Jennifer Vitale 2012

The past few weeks I had been feeling a little burnt out when it came to sitting down and drawing for an Illustration Friday topic. I was getting stuck and not being as creative as I wanted to be and since drawing for Illustration Friday was supposed to be a fun outlet for me, it was just getting to be not as easy to enjoy. So I decided to take a week off. A week to clear my head and it worked. 

This weeks theme was "Return". Couldn't have had a more fitting theme for this week. The week I return to Illustration Friday was the week the theme was "Return"... it's a sign. I like this weeks word because it can hold so many different meanings and moods it was definitely a lot of fun this week to play with that. 

In my illustration I wanted to play around with lighting because it's something that I haven't spent much time experimenting with before.  I wanted to set a mood and tell a story.