Illustration Friday: Vocal

"The Songbird" Jennifer Vitale ©2012
This weeks Illustration Friday Theme is Vocal. I knew at once that I wanted to do something about singing and because I thought it would be a fun little twist on the theme. I started to brainstorm about different scenarios and decided up a Jazz Club Singer. Channeling the days of the smokey jazz clubs filled with good music and good times I started to draw the songstress.

 I had been thinking of what the name of the club this singer worked in would be called, what was this character like and thats when and idea popped into my head. Make her more than just a jazz club singer but give her wings, make her a songbird.

So without further or do I present to you, singing her Siren Song debut, The Songbird of the Canary Club.

This week I also decided to share a little bit of my process simply because I actually did the drawing twice to get it right. Each week I always start with a rough sketch and then trace it over using a light table. Once it's traced over onto a clean sheet of paper, the coloring begins. Since I finished the sketchbook I had been working in, I wanted to try some marker paper that I found in my paper stash... It did not work out so well. I didn't like how it paled my Prisma color markers and I just couldn't get things to blend the way I wanted them to. So I stopped and re-traced the drawing onto paper I was used to working with. I was much happier with the new paper.

Here's what the drawing looked like on the marker paper.