Over at Celebrated Lady

I posted over at celebratedlady.com this week, take a peak!

This week has gone by so fast. It has really just escaped me. I'm getting lots of things done. Never the less there are just a few things that between time and nature I just wasn't able to finish up.

For this weeks blog post I am preparing to share with you all the lovely things about a trip I just took, but time and the lack of sunny days for pictures has hindered that a bit.

But this also allowed me to update celebratedlady.com which is where I posted for this week. Feel free to stop by and check it out. It's just a little post about some current inspiration, why I love what I do, and what's new in the Celebrated Lady Etsy Shop.

Hopefully the weather will brighten up and I can soon share with you the wonders of my trip.