"Breaking Away" Moore College of Art & Design 2012 Fashion Show

This past weekend I had the opportunity to go to my Alma mater's end of the year Senior Fashion Show. It was a blast to return to Moore College of Art & Design. It was also a lot of fun because all I had to do this year was sit back and enjoy the show!

The theme for the show is usually based around the concept for the senior class evening wear project. This year was "Breaking Away" a creative title that inspired the students to create beautiful gowns using shades of blue and the ocean. I feel the theme can also be a wonderful metaphor for a senior class in general, symbolizing their moving on into the next chapter of what is to be a wonderful adventure.

The show each year begins with swimwear from the junior class. This years swimwear theme transported you to paradise whether it be some exotic location or just a trip to the shore. The lovely ladies of the junior class created something for every ones fancy. The children's wear by the sophomores  is always an adorable affair and this year was no different. The theme was countries due to the upcoming Summer Olympics and let me just it was a mesmerizing moment. Besides being completely and ridiculously adorable it was inspirational to be there and see. The crowd clapped and cheered for the little ones giving their best runway strut. It was fantastic. The Juniors menswear was filled with chunky knits and rebellious styles. 

And now my favorite part... the Senior Collections! There were so many wonderful fashions that graced the runway from the music inspired collection by Melissa Wheaton, wispy gowns of whimsy from Nicole Davis, to the catch phrase embellished blouses from Deborah Artaza. I have some photos to share but I'll be honest these pictures are not the best the could be. I have a lovely camera and it's not it's fault at all, I just lack the photo knowledge.

from the Senior Collection of Nicole Davis
I had many favorites of the night but I must say that I absolutely loved this collection from Nicole Davis. Every dress I wanted for myself. There was a whimsical yet effortless bohemian vibe to the collection. 
Evening Wear Design by Melissa Wheaton

from the Senior Collection of Marah Carpenter (won best in show)
This collection from Marah Carpenter was eye catching to say the least. She achieved wearable art! Hand-painted and inspired by Egon Schiele.
from the Senior Collection of Marah Carpenter (won best in show)
The back was painted too!
from the Senior Collection of Lauren Przybylowski (jewelry by Simone Chante)
from the Senior Collection of Cara Scudner
from the Senior Collection of Kathleen Yamaguchi

This collection was wonderful! It was inspired by nebula and clouds of stars. It was so dramatic to see her garments come down the runway as the stars they were inspired by lighting up the darkness.

It was a lovely night and it was so fun to see old friends and support the ladies of Moore! So congrats to all my Moore College of Art Fashion Ladies and to the entire graduating class of 2012!

To see photo's and video's of past show's please feel free to stop by Moore College of Art & Design Fashion Design Section Links. Also I'm sure it won't be too long till photos and videos from this years show are posted.