A Day Outside

I have been spending more time outside lately. Even if it's just a quick step out the door, I'm making sure that I enjoy the beautiful weather and plant life that Spring brings with it. The other week I was watching my niece and I took her outside. I don't know a single toddler that would not want to just run around in a back yard full of flowers and of course I made sure to bring my camera. 

She loved the wisteria arch my Mama built. She ran through it and gazed at it in wonder. I can just see it now, her playing castle in it when she's older. I'm so glad my Mama has a green thumb. I work really hard to keep plants alive and then there's that one day that my cat sneaks into my studio and eats the plant. 

It had rained the day before so the grass was higher than usual but I feel between the high grass and the overcast day that it added a lovely light and a bit of magic to the day, wouldn't you say?

 One thing I remember when I was young was I didn't care if a flower was a weed or not. If I thought it was pretty I thought it was worth looking at and so does my niece!

Though I have to say I can't wait for the roses to bloom!

And I'm sharing this because it's one of my favorites of the day and you can't even see my niece really... when I went to take the picture she ducked down and this is what I got. Anyone remember the 
"Where's Waldo" or the "I Spy" books? Well they were these really cool books where you had a list of things you hand to find in this giant, jumbled picture. This photo of my niece reminds me of just that.

me and my niece!
In the end it was a lovely day and my little niece never ceases to amaze me in her joy. Her smile immediately brightens my day. 

***All photo's were taken by Jennifer Vitale © All Rights Reserved 2012***