Little Adventures

Last week I mentioned that I was preparing a blog post about a recent trip I took. All week in moments of down time ,for Spring has been happily busy, I have been compiling thoughts and photo's just for this week.

Two weekends ago my Mama and I packed up the car and set out down wisteria lined roads for the Historic Smithville and Village Greene. I must say that before I go further, we had such a great time and I totally recommend going some time. So... with that being said... Smithville is a little village with tons of unique and quirky little shops.

We stayed at the Barn which was really lovely. We had a porch view and the really fun thing about the room was it had one queen bed but then there was a built in alcove with a daybed! It was like two separate rooms in one.
This was my little day bed alcove
This is the front half of the room. It was cloudy that day so the pictures are a bit dark.

There were so many lovely stores. Each one so unique, one selling amazingly scented all natural soaps, to a little gift shop that had so many wonderful things you felt like you walked into a treasure trove, to home made candles. I really feel that my Mama and I were meant to go there. 

During the trip we walked into the one shop called 'Raquel's Home And Garden". Let me tell you there are so many beautiful things in this lovely little shop. It's a whole environment. One of the best parts of the shop for me was the shop owner herself. She was a bright and lovely woman so full of knowledge and life. My Mama and I must of talked with her for at least fifteen minutes just chatting away and enjoying ourselves. It didn't hurt that I also found a new burlap tote bag that had a gorgeous image of a peacock that I immediately put to good use and got complimented on throughout the day! 

Next there was the "L.E.H Soap Company". Oh my gosh I love this place. Their soaps are all natural and all wonderful. Let me just tell you I have been looking everywhere for a good lavender and oatmeal soap that actually smells like lavender and oatmeal, and they had one! The fragrance is spot on and after using it I can tell you I now only want to use that soap. I know seems a bit silly right but it's just really that good.  The best part is they have other stuff too. I also got their lilac body butter, (it's like lotion) and again lilac is one of those scents that can either smell just like it or so so off. Their lilac smell just like the bush in my yard, which makes me very happy since Lilacs only bloom for what seems like a very short time out here. I was just over all impressed and if your in the market for awesome soaps that are decently priced and all natural I'm telling you this is the place. Their Jersey Girl scent is really good too, it's clean and crisp, perfect for hot summer days.

Lastly there was this tiny little candle shop called Candlewyck Cottage that was just so lovely. Your hit with beautiful scents of the many different kinds of candles. and top it off the owner also sells license plate art and that decorates the store. It's really rather cool because by the register she had a wall piece that she made the map of the United States completely out of license cool is that? Any who I picked out this gorgeous smelling candle "Heather and Hyacinth"'s smells like Spring in a jar. Also since I like to fill my studio walls with different kinds of art and because I like to help support other local artists, I chose to bring home a license tag sign that said "Hope".  It has found a lovely home on my wall.

These were just a few of many of my favorite moments of our little trip. Have you ever just taken a little trip, just to escape for a little bit. Clear your mind and just have some good old fun? If not I thoroughly recommend it.