Little Gifts

From little niece to Auntie
With warm weather comes long lazy weekends spent relaxing in the garden listening to music with a glass of iced tea, reading, writing, or drawing... sometimes I do all three. I love listening to the maple and ash trees sway in the breeze and the many birds that call our garden home chirping way. 

This past weekend was spent with some lovely people who are great to have around. With it being a holiday weekend my Mama and I had my cousin Amber and her family over for a small barbecue and simply to share in the relaxing setting my Mama's garden creates. This meant that my lovely little niece was over! Her giggles adding to the natural music of the garden.

This little old soul amazes me everyday. Her bright eyes taking in everything with a knowing sense of wonder. She even gave me my first gift directly from her, a little clover flower, handing it to me as she says "pretty pretty". I felt so honored that she picked the flower for me, I can remember doing the same for my Mama when I was little and now my niece has done it for me. I couldn't be a happier Auntie!

So much is always happening around here and I love that I'm always doing something. Sometimes I work till the early morning or we load our schedules up with places to go and things to do... but sometimes we forget to take a breath and just refresh. My little niece in her own delicate, delightful way reminded me to take a moment to find the little things, to breath, and make time. This little reminder couldn't have come at a better time of the year, the sun shinning, beckoning us outside to enjoy all the little things that we would miss if we spent every minute working. 

So take a minute today and find the little wonderful things of life!