Baking With Emily

One of my younger cousins stayed with us this past weekend. She had been wanting to spend the night and bake cupcakes from scratch and waiting patiently since I suggested it this past Easter I might add.

In the time between Easter and now though I had been planning, and asking myself what should we bake? I knew I wanted to do it all from scratch and that they would be mini cupcakes. Beyond that though I just couldn't decide.

Until while out on a shopping trip with my Mama I stumbled across the perfect book filled with recipes perfect for the occasion!

"The Girls' Cookbook"! I couldn't find and author but it says it was published by Parragon Inc.

Here is a Barnes&Noble link for the book.  There is not a picture but the recipe author and introduction author are the same. As well as the publisher.

The book is filled with lovely easy to follow recipes. We chose to bake the "Bubbly Pink Cupcakes"

The recipe is for your standard cupcake and made around 20 mini cupcakes and took about 15 minutes to bake fully.

They said to include red food coloring to turn the cupcake and icing pink but since we discovered I was all out of red... we improvised.

The cupcakes turned out quite tasty and fairly easy to make. I had to help a bit with the stirring, because the batter gets a bit thick.  We made so many she even had some to take home and share. 

She had fun and so did I!