Weathering the storm.

Boy oh boy has it been an interesting past few days. A pretty bad storm ripped through my little area of the world this past Friday night knocking out power for the entire area... four days later still no power. We were lucky though that we had no damage but a tree did fall blocking the traffic of our street.

Loosing electricity is always and adventure though. It's when you realize how all that time spent
camping as a kid could come in handy. The next morning we fired up the grill and grilled up what we could, this included making coffee! Nights are spent camped out in the living room to escape the heat that rises. One thing that we did this time around that was a blast and has made night time a little more magical is that we brought our solar lights inside from the gardens. By day they charge in the summer sun by night they turn the inside into a magical lit up haven. Garden twinkle lights hang on the wall and we share the spotlights to read by.

Things I've realized in all of this though is that I've never been more thankful for a gas station to stock ice, just how much more amazing solar power really is, and remembering just how fun cooking on a fire pit can be.

So here I am accessing my blog to share this little tale with you all from the office of my Mama, camping out again getting work done and taking advantage of the friendly people and air-conditioning.

One of my lovely friends even shared a beautiful fresh peach with me today!

Here's a little preview of a little something I'm working on for Celebrated Lady while at the office I'm working out of today.

Hammered Metal, some of my handcrafted clay beads and charm, and glass