Rest, Relax, Recharge

Sometimes a person just needs to get away. A change of location to relax the soul and clear the mind. Well and of course have some fun. Last week I took a visit to the sea with family. It always amazes me how small I feel when I stand on the beach, especially when it's not crowded. The vastness of it all, enchanting but kind of scary all at the same time. 

Ocean City New Jersey was our destination. We got lucky because we had a week with really fairly great weather. Some days the sun was bright and hot others clouds relieved the heat which made for a great day to stroll down Asbury Ave. to all the interesting shops that line the street. We even had some cool thunderstorms to watch, and the only time the rain was a little inconvenient, it actually really wasn't very at all. We just arrived inside a little cafe for brunch just as it started to pour.

My little niece loved it too. My Mama and I loved taking her up to the board walk watching her eyes wide with adventure as she walked along/or sat in her stroller with us. Though I'm pretty sure her favorite thing was the pool. We had to convince her at the end of the day that the pool needed a nap and that she could wake the pool back up in the morning. Every morning she would ask,"Wakie Pool?"

The funny thing is you can never really know just how much you needed a vacation till you've had one. We all knew we needed to get away for a week but it is deeper then all that. I love what I do. I love creating. I love having my shop and wouldn't change it for the world. That's just the reason why though that sometimes it's hard for me to not work from waking to sleeping. Getting away, no Internet, no work. just me, a good book, ("This Side Of Paradise" by F. Scott Fitzgerald) and good company is just what was needed to refresh. I have so many new great idea's for things to create and recipes to try.

I'm going to miss it though, not so much all the time away from home, but the atmosphere, the sound of the amusement park and watching all the lights of the rides go out at night. My niece running in to wake me up, and her little laugh.

But all these things are what makes vacation wonderful it takes you away from your normal and makes you see things you may have missed or not truly seen before.