Vroom Vroom!

Recently I went to a baby shower for one of my best friends. I'm so excited for her starting her journey of being a mom and creating her own little family. She is such a wonderful person and I am positive she will be a wonderful mom. Thing is though I wasn't quite sure what to get her. I wanted to do something practical that she could use but also something cute. That's when I remembered the idea of the diaper cakes better yet, when I started researching them I came across the idea of a diaper motor cycle. 


This was so much fun to make and meets both of my gift criteria. Cute and practical. 

I was really glade there were a few tutorials on u-tube to really help me out. The one I used can be found here. I will say be careful not too pack the diapers to tight, I had a bit of trouble getting the baby blankets through the centers.

There are so many different little details that I loved including. The bottle brush exhausts, the baby bottle headlight, finding the perfect bibs it was all so much fun.

An you wouldn't believe how hard I searched for the perfect little baby buddy. I almost jumped for joy when I found this adorable green monkey at Pier One of all places. He's really soft. 

And of course since I have a few leftovers I decided to make them into a backpack.