The Millville Arts, Music & Antiques Festival

I know when I last posted I said I would share where my Mama and I went adventuring to for my birthday and I haven't yet. For that I'm sorry but the place is just so awesome that I am taking my time selecting the right pictures to convey it. 

With that being said this past week has been a whirl wind around here... 
with Celebrated Lady and the weather...(really tornado warnings all over)
Check out my Hand-painted Celebrated Lady Sign. This was a lot of fun to do!
Despite the previous warnings of bad weather it did not deter me when the great opportunity to be in the Millville Arts, Music & Antiques Festival came knocking.

I had a blast! The festival was an all day event all along Millville's Arts district. Everyone was so lovely and I could not be more thankful to the positive response to Celebrated Lady.

This was only my second show. I feel like each show I learn something new and get new ideas of how to set up and make my display better. I can't wait to be part of more shows and festivals...

It was a great day!