Wandering Through The Garden

I said a few weeks ago that I would share where my Mama and I went for my birthday...and now I am.

This year I was asked did I want to go somewhere for my birthday and I could only think of one place. When I was sixteen and in a SADI (one of Moore College of Art & Design's summer programs) they took us to a magical sculpture garden in New Jersey. I was instantly in love and have always planed to come back and bring my Mama. 

Well this year I did!

Grounds For Sculpture is an amazing fantastical place. You feel lost while your there, as if your wandering through a beautiful mix of a hidden paradise or that your are in similar world to that of the movie Labyrinth. You never know where the next turn will lead you and there are so many little hidden nooks and crannies to find and discover!

 Here is one of my favorite sculptures of the park. It's called The Nine Muses by artist Carlos Dorrien. I absolutely love it and you can stand within the sculpture, just go right up to the statutes. You just feel like your in another place while looking at this work, almost as if you were transported to the ruins of some distant civilization. It's absolutely amazing!

There are some many things that I love about this place that no matter how I try to squeezed everything in, share every feeling I had, it just will not begin to even explain. Grounds For Sculpture is truly a place best experienced first hand. 

I always find this place to be so inspiring.

One of my absolute favorite things about Grounds for Sculpture is that it recreates 2 dimensional impressionistic paintings into three dimensional settings that you can join along in. (They do other scenes to, sometimes you just are quite sure at first whether or not the person you are seeing is statue or person) My favorites though are the recreations of the paintings. They make me feel like in the Movie Mary Poppins when Julie Andrews and Dick Van Dyke took the children into the drawings on the sidewalk. They escaped into the art. This is just how being at the garden feels like. 

My Mama and I especially loved this one, it's inspired by "Luncheon of the Boating Party," by Pierre-Auguste Renoir. The actual sculpture is called "Were you Invited?". The funny thing about this is the sign to direct people to the sculpture says " Were You Invited? (a boating party)" and the path leads down to the lake. I had a feeling I knew where this path lead (I didn't get a chance to see the sculpture my previous visit), but my Mama and I still weren't quite sure what we were going to find.

What we found was an amazing sculpture and memory. Now whenever we see this painting we say, "Hey we were there, we were invited."

If you'd like to know more about the sculpture find this nice little article about it... Here.

Can you tell who is real and who is sculpture?