All Hallows Eve!

Happy Halloween Everyone! Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. The candy, the fun, the costumes all of it. It's just a fun time. I love seeing my niece and all my friends little ones in their costumes and having fun with Halloween games. That's why this year my Mama and I decided to throw a little Halloween party for the kids we know and love the weekend before last.

Adults and little ones alike enjoyed a lunch of pizza, donuts, apple cider, and some awesome mud pudding! My Mama and I wanted the party to be reminiscent of the ones we used to go to as kids at our churches. We set up a bunch of games for the kids. We had a Pumpkin Pinata, stuffed with as much candy as it would hold, a costume parade and played pin the nose on the jack'o'lantern. 

Like I said before though my favorite part is always the costumes, so many fun characters were in attendance from Strawberry Shortcake, to Stitch and Donald Duck. We even had two princesses grace us with their presence!

The kids had a blast so I would say mission accomplished

 On a serious note...

A super storm named Sandy made landfall on our shores here in New Jersey. The worst part of the storm passed right by us, and lights flickered and winds howled, shaking the house but the trees stood strong and the lights stayed on. This is a major relief because my little corner of Jersey has had less then great luck with storms this past year, from multiple dam breaks to a 4th of July weekend that started with a windstorm and ended with trees everywhere and the electric being our for a week. We were lucky this time.  However the were others who Sandy wasn't so kind. All of our shore towns are under water. Just last week I posted a walk I did at Ocean City NJ, and now the town is completely flooded. In Atlantic City part of the boardwalk was washed away and roller coasters sit in the water at Seaside. Not to forget all the damage that NYC has had as well as the Philadelphia area.

I just ask that anyone who reads this if you haven't already please lend your prayers and thoughts of healing to the families affected by the storm.