Out With The Old

It takes some getting used to when your used to pretty much living in two locations, back and forth between two different States for college, then you graduate and suddenly only have one bedroom.

I have been pretty hard on myself lately for accumulating so much stuff. When I lived in two separate places I found myself saying things like "Oh I need this at the dorm, I have one at home but not here". 
Problem? Now suddenly, I graduated, moved out of the dorm and have all this stuff!  I say to myself who needs all this stuff? Nobody needs clutter in their lives. Trying to mesh two different me's into one space doesn't work well.

Me Before School vs Me During, refereed by Me After

Now that Celebrated Lady is running smoother and I have set myself actually business hours, I started to be reminded of all the stuff that I just didn't need. So I have started to declutter. Release things that no longer have meaning or need, pass them along to someone who might need them as well.


I'll share some tips that I have found really help...
  •  First set up 2 boxes and a trash bag. Donate, Sell, and throw away. No keep box the goal is to not to keep unneeded things.  
  • Then pretend your moving. Think about what you would actually be willing to pack up and take with you. Does that little trinket you bought at the flea market really mean that much? Do you really need to keep those clothes you never wear? Somebody out there might need them and can't get them because they are stuck in you house!
  • Finally have that yard sale you've been planning to have every year, take the box to your church or local good will. Just get the boxes out of your home! 
They say that your living space is a reflection of who you are. Well... I'm a work in progress, I know who I am and who I want to be. I am enjoying nurturing and discovering this new side of myself. A side that wants simplicity, likes open space, and doesn't need the noise that things can create in a room.