She Gives Me Courage

This is the beginning of something wonderful. For the past few weeks I have been conversing with some beautiful souls as a part of an e-course taught by Kelly Rae Roberts.  

During this time of learning and vulnerability a small group of 13 of us paired off to create a blog circle that posts every third Thursday of the month where we share are thoughts and experiences on a shared topic we decide upon. This time we are all going to be sharing about courage, a thing that can manifest itself in the most unexpected places but is most often welcome when it does. 

This brings me to my story of courage this month which I just experienced as recently as just this past Sunday.

I'll start my tale off with things I have had the courage to do. I have lived in a State my mother never has, I have taken the subway to and from work everyday, and I have ridden a trolley car.

These are all things that to me seemed second nature while I was attending college and interning in Philadelphia. That was... until my Mama pointed out that it wasn't to everyone. Taking the subway scares the crap out of her, where as with me it was simply my way to work. 

I say this because something that many think nothing of, even look forward to makes me more anxious then I'd like to admit. I am afraid to drive a car. 

Don't get me wrong I want to, I've dreamed about the day when I can just hop in my car and go. It wasn't that big a deal that I didn't drive when I lived in the City because I didn't have to drive. Everything was in walking distance or a short ride on the subway but now that I no longer live there it's not quite as easy to just pick-up and go. 

When I was 17 I passed by drivers test and got my license and hadn't driven since. That is, until this past Sunday. For almost a year I had been saying I'm going to practice driving, I will do it, but something always came up or an excuse was made. No more excuses. 

This year I have had some issues with my health and I have truly learned that to overcome a fear is to face it. It doesn't mater how big or small just confront it. Having the support of this blog circle pushed me without them even knowing to get into a car and practice driving. I kept saying to myself what am I going to write about this month?... How have I been courageous? 

Well. After almost 5 and half years of not driving I drove around a parking lot and got reacquainted with being behind the wheel. I have a responsibility to be a good and responsible driver and it's time I didn't let my anxiety about driving control me anymore.

While driving I actually got comfortable! Not comfortable enough to drive on a real road, but hey we all have to start somewhere right. No longer was I scared. I had become to believe that maybe I was just one of those people who didn't drive, but now I know different. 

It is almost as if the stars were aligning for it. When I was going through photo's for my blog post for my Wednesday post I came across this photo of my two year old niece pretending to drive a motorized car ride at the amusement park we took her to. It simply made me think one thought....

"If she can do it, so can I"

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