Storybook Land Adventure

This past weekend was a very special weekend. It was my nieces 2nd birthday!

For this her mommy, my cousin, had decided to share a childhood memory with her little one... and I got to tag along!

Where did we take the birthday girl? To Storybook Land!!
Even though they no longer let you in the second floor, paying the visit  and going inside the house of the "old lady who lived in a shoe" is a must.
This place is so magical. My cousin and I grew up visiting the wonders that lay inside it's walls, even my Aunt went to Storybook Land as a kid. 

In truth in the beginning we were way more excited to go then my niece was. Once she saw the castle entrance way that all changed however.

This is a whale sculpture of Moby Dick where you can go inside the whale and hear him laugh... This picture is so great because my cousin and I both have pictures of us as little ones in the same whale!
My cousin and I were over the moon to find that Storybook Land hadn't really changed at all. All the magic we remembered, all the fun things to see. It truly is a place where you can step into your favorite childhood stories. 
I found a little pumpkin house!

Little places and houses are all over the place. Here you can step into the world of Alice and wonderland, that I might add glows in the dark, you can visit a north pole make or real ice, and even slide down the hill like Jack and Jill.

Train Ride!
 All day we spent exploring nursery rhymes and fairy tales, decorating pumpkins, and navigating our way through a rather tricky corn maze they had set up for Fall. 

When we told my niece the park was getting ready to close and it was time to head home, she lowered her head and said..."I sad" 

This just about melted my cousin and I, because the park really was closing. It was ok though because we were happy that my niece enjoyed herself so much that she didn't want to go home. 

So as a good Mommy and Auntie does we told her not to worry the story doesn't end and we will definitely come back to the magical realm of Storybook Land!

If your in the area and have a little one this is an amazing place to take them. Here is a link that will tell you everything about.....