We Wear Pink

3.5 miles doesn't seem like much. In Ocean City NJ it's just the length of walking up and back down the boardwalk. This past Sunday 3.5 miles was so much more then just a distance to walk. It was time to walk for a cure for breast cancer.

This past Sunday the American Cancer Society held their Making Strides Against Breast Cancer walk in honor of October. (breast cancer awareness month) This was my second time being able to go to the walk and the first time that I had the opportunity to walk the entire route.  The energy was so amazing, survivors and supporters all gathered at the beach to walk for a cause that everyone there held dear to their hearts. Like so many other people in the world many women in my family have had breast cancer. Cancer is a word I heard a lot growing up, since my grandparents are survivors and before them their parents, and back down the family line.

I did the walk with my Mama, cousin, and niece. We walked up and then back down the boardwalk enjoying the beach. It was interesting and oddly eerie to see the beach this far into Fall. The beautiful houses all packed up for the winter, the beaches open and empty. The day was amazingly clear though, not a cloud in the sky! When we were finished we took my niece out onto the sand..."Her sand" as she was saying. Her and her mom got barefoot and played in the sand. Leaving a pair of foot prints as they headed out to the water.  

The day was loaded with emotions, a day with serious meaning but with joyous celebration. 
It was a great and inspiring day and now you know why we wear pink.