Color, Print, Texture

There are many things that I love and enjoy about art...and well life because life is art. Art is everywhere in the littlest of things. What I enjoy most in those little things is an unexpected color combination, a great pattern, or an interesting texture. 

I surround myself with colors usually of the teal, yellow or orange variety, but I love colors in general. Which is kind of funny now that I think of it because there was a time when black was the only predominate color in my wardrobe besides blue jeans. Maybe I have had a color enlightenment! Now on an average Fall day like today I can be found wearing striped boat shoes, a teal skinny pant, a rusty orange and cream cable knit sweater with a chunky violet covered sweater coat. See! Textures, patterns and color! 

What started me thinking about how much I just want to celebrate three of my favorite things about art happened this past weekend when I found an awesome vase. This weekend past was the annual studio sale at Wheaton Village. It's like a space with a few shops, an awesome glass museum and where many local artists work their craft in glass and pottery. This is why the studio sale is so awesome. One because everything is on sale, two because you get to see everything at once that the artists have been working on. My favorite section is the seconds... sorta like the mess ups or imperfections table. I got my favorite drinking glass from that table last year and it is the most interesting colorful glass ever. Anywho this year there was this whole table filled with bright colored vases with all sorts of colors and patterns! Their smooth exteriors ran with stripes and chevrons. Bright oranges, aquas, greens and yellows danced about. I would have bought the whole table if I had the money and the room... Since I have neither I settled on choosing a favorite, which was easy because one stood out to me immediately.

I love this little vase! How the chevron moves along the surface the blue like water with the greatest pop of yellow! It now has a home in my studio, reminding me about how much I love the things I love about art as it patiently waits for me to find something to put in it.